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5 key stages in Israel's Fallae career

Sydney – Israel Folau the stunning fall of grace overshadows one of the world's largest sports careers, covering the rules of Australia, the Rugby League and the Rugby League.

AFP Sport watch five key stages in his life after being fired on Friday for being convicted in violation of the Rugby Code of Conduct.

1. Teenage Miracle

Folau, who grew up in a rough Sydney neighborhood, made his entry into the National Rugby League as a teenager for Melbourne Storm in 2007, grabbing the winning experience for his debut to teleport his arrival.

His height was meteoric, with Folau breaking the NRL record for most of the debut season and winning the rookie of the year. He also became the youngest league player at that time to represent Australia at just 18 years and 194 days.

Folau played 90 games in the sport with Storm and Brisbane Broncos between 2007-10, reported winning reputation as a side boy. But he longed for a return to Sydney and a new challenge.

2. "What is mine is yours"

Fola crossed the Australian rules in 2011 with the great Western giants in Sydney, partly to please her father who wanted to give him, but also because he was paying more.

Earlier, he said that in the Polynesian culture – he has the legacy of Tonga – the three most important things are "family, faith and finances."

Leading principle was "what is mine," and playing the Aussie Rules allowed him to win big money to help his family.

But while Folau works hard to adapt, he finds it hard and only plays 13 games by kicking only two goals. Some view his signature as a marketing trick and criticism hurts him. He called it two years after his four-year deal.

3. Recording circuit breaker

He left AFL richer and strives to return to the rugby league. Sport has always been his first love and he was broken by the then coach of NSW Waratahs Michael Shaike – now the Wallabies boss – for his first career raid in 15 countries.

The multi-functional Folau quickly resumed its reputation, becoming the first player to lead the test standings in both the NRL and the Super Rugby season while helping the Waratahs pilot to become the first in 2014.

He headed the list again in 2016, before last month's top 60th Super Rugby top scorer. On the way, he was voted the Australian Rugby Player of the Year three times.

Folau made his debut at Test in 2013 against the British and Irish Lions, becoming one of several selected double internationalists. He continued to play for Wallabies 73 times and is equal to the third highest score of all time.

4. #TeamJesus

Although the heritage of Folau can not be called into question, religion has always been a central part of his life, and his views have become more fundamentalist. He grew up as a Mormon but became an active member of the Assembly of God's Assemblies in 2011.

His Twitter account describes him as "Lives for Jesus Christ # TeamIsus"and these stiff opinions for the first time caused trouble in April last year.

He reported that homosexual people are destined for hell and are again courted by controversy by sending a link to a video opposed to same-sex marriages by the late American evangelist David Wilkerson.

The reaction was fierce, as former Wallaby Clyde Rathbone said that "Australia's finest rugby player is a religious lunatic seeking self-immolation."

Folau was reprimanded by his employer, Rugby Australia, but escaped any sanctions. Considered to be the best-selling player in Australia, the governing body went on a delicate line between freedom of speech and its inclusion policy.

5. Fall of grace

While Folau has promised never to retreat from his religious beliefs, he seems to have listened to Rugby Australia's warning to keep his anti-gay views ahead of him before spectacularly resuming the controversy just a few months after signing a new multilateral treaty.

In April, he published a banner at Instagram, which reads:Drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, harlots, thieves, atheists and idolaters – Hell is waiting for you."

Since key sponsor of Wallabies Qantas livid and criticism is rapidly building up, Rugby Australia has informed one of the country's biggest athletes that he plans to fire him.

The Rugby League also turned its back, leaving the rags' career to the wealth of the 30-year-old.

He referred the matter to a tribunal, which on Tuesday agreed that his actions were a "high level" violation of the Code of Conduct for Sport.

On Friday, the three-panel panel said it was justified to terminate his lucrative 4-year contract, Aus $ 4 million.

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