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alt perspective, detailed coverage of the return of Dolf Ziegler, reign / Elias, 24/7 title and more –

WWE Smackdown Live Logo – New July 2016 (c)

May 21, 2019

Messages: Tom Phillips, Cory Grave, Byron Saxon

The show opened to Shane McMahon on the phone in her dressing room. Elias walked in. He complained that the crowd was rough with him in "Money in the Bank" despite his star performances. He said he lost his focus and why he got out so quickly by the Roman government. He said he felt he had released Shane. He said he would be in Shane's corner of the Super Showdown. Shane refused to say he could deal with Roman himself. Shane, however, confirmed that he would be in the corner of Elias when he met later tonight.

"The camera moved over to the crowd in Providence in the arena, while Tom Phillips was advertising money in the revanch between the Bank and Elias. New Day's music hit and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods danced on stage. They said it was a special night tonight because it marked the return of Big E. The crowd shouted loudly.

Kofi and Xavie brought a man on stage, covered with a black robe. They asked for a drum and got one. He was unnamed in Big Eg's gear, holding pancakes. Coffey and Xavier joined the man and told him to leave and take all the props with him. Man is obliged.

Kingston and Woods re-introduced Big E. This time, the patented Big E microphone flashed over the speakers and the real Big E burst into the scene. He gladly embraced the crowd and clapped his hands as he and the rest of New Day went to the ring that was full of neon colored gifts and a banner "Welcome, Big E!"

The WWE title videos on Sunday were broadcast and ended with Kobe's clear win over Kevin Owens. Back to the ring, Big has dropped kisses to the crowd. He asked to smell Xavier and Coffey. They are obliged. "He's not medical cleansed to fight, but he's medically cleansed to smell," Xavier said. Big E said he missed the boys and fans. Xavier said they are happy to have Big Eg, but they will miss out on his twitter on Twitter.

Coffey told cohorts he must be serious. "I want to be serious, boys." Kofi discussed the preservation of the WWE title and Brock Lesnar, who earned money at the bank. He said that tonight is not for him, but it's about Big E. Kevin Owens' hit.

Owens walked slowly down the ramp. "This is my party, why are you here?" He shouted Big Sami's music, and he joined the stage. Zain said it was nonsense. He asked Big E how he came out and said that he (Sammy) had nothing when it was nine months out. Big E said the New Day planned to get Sammy the same thing that Kevin Owens got at Pari at the bank – nothing. The new day sang "nothing" in the increase of octaves. Kevin Owens turned to the left scene.

"Do you see what you did?" Zane asked with anxiety. He said the only reason Owens did not win was that his friend was hanging upside down. He called the Day of the New Day a disgusting and punishing fans for creating a toxic culture. Xavier began to interrupt Zine with the pipe. "Mark my words, but that will not do the fun," Sammy said. He promised to defeat Kofi in front of all his friends and "all that junk."

"Do not let the pancakes and the hypnotists deceive you when it's time to throw, and we throw," said Coffey. He said he was going through Sami Zain. Big E led the crowd in the song "New Day".

(LeClair's analysis: I'm glad to see Big E and see that Coffey Kingston relies on being a serious New Day member when he needs it.) I'm not too worried to keep Zain and Owens again, though that's insignificant complaint in the big scheme of things.)

– The dictators have tricked some of the card matches tonight, including Kofi Kingston vs. Sammy Zain, a female racing team, and a rematch between Roman and Elias.

"On stage, Carmella was shown walking along the corridor, looking for R-Truth. Drake Maverick and Apollo asked Carmella where he is. She came across someone who had returned to a blond wig. R-Truth was hidden. Carmella told The Truth that the wig would not keep it hidden from people who wanted to win the title 24/7. The truth is asking for help from Carmel. She shuffled it and knocked down a wall of the Truth Truth poster as she came out of the screen.

"Back to the ring, Ali headed for the ring. The dictators shed videos of men's money for money in the bank ladder before they headed for advertising.

Against advertising, Andrade was in the ring with Zelina Vega. Tom Phillips annoyed Andrade's intercontinental match again with Balogh's finals in Super Showdown.

(1) ALI vs. ANDRADE (w / Zelina Vega)

A small song "Ali" popped out when the two moved around the ring. Both men were glued after money in the bank. They locked and Andrade pressed Ali into the corner. Andrade's forearm in Ali's face for two. He cut Ali, worked over his arm and tried to give up the back of the body. Ali escaped and took Andrade with an inverted Franciscen. Ali hoped on the middle rope, but Zellina jumped to the apron to get distracted. Andrade took down Ali. Phillips sent the ad to the picture.

On the small screen, Andrade kept control and threw Ali out. He slammed Ali's head off the apron, then brought it back inside. He stuck Ali's arm in the ropes and locked his shoulder using almost the entire number of judges. Ali escaped from his other hand and went to take the head of the fight, but Andrade lashed him to his stomach in a great counter. He continued to manipulate Ali's hand. Ali finally struggled to get Andrade to pause to buy time (and place).

She was back in full screen, Ali was up in the corner. Andrade was accused, but Ali jumped up with a frog and hit him in a DDT tornado. Andrade swung out. Ali transferred the upper rope to Andrade by pulling it down. Ali's glued back went to Andrade's knee. Ali continued to sell his back, and Andrade regained control. He took Ali from the apron and called the judge to count it.

Ali broke the number of eight, and Andrade began to twitch. He hit a pair of duplexes, then the body struck Ali in the clamping bracket. Ali fell out. Andrade met Ali outside and pushed him into the barricade. He cut Ali through his chest, then slammed his back into the ring. Then he threw Ali through the barricade at the stopwatch.

The judge began counting again. Ali returned to the ring at the last minute. Zelina was outside. Andrade transferred Ali to the bottom of her waist and hit her knees on Ali's back. Ali kicked off a very plausible fall. Andrade picked up Ali, but Ali turned it into a swing to surprise three.

Winner: Ali at 11:00

(The analysis of LeClair: Solid match I liked the idea of ​​really perfecting Ali's wounds from Money in the bank.) Very rarely, WWE actually paid attention to these things, so it was a welcome detail to the victory here, but if Ali had to win , the surprising turn is the right finish.)

Andrade and Zelina looked angry when Ali escaped the ramp, still selling the damage on her back. The dictators continued to popularize the matches that came tonight.

– The back part, Carmella uses R-Truth's hair polish and his blond wig. Carmella spoke to him, and Truth told her something was missing. Carmella thought for a moment, then handed him a bra. The truth has said he needs help saying, "I've always had problems opening them up," he said.

– In the arena, Mandy Rose headed for Devda's Devil in the ring to a match with Carmella after the break.

-About the ad, the speakers discussed Roman Reigns's nomination for the MTV Movie and TV Awards "Real-life Hero".

-Video package for Lars Sullivan was broadcast, covering his destruction so far.

"On the ring, Mandy Rose stood waiting for her opponent. Carmella went on stage with a masked R-Truth (but still wore a 24-hour title).

(2) MANDY ROSE (w / Sonya Deville) vs. CARMELLA

Carmella pulled down Mandy and struck. The judge separated her from Mandy and Sonia pulled Rose out of the way to regroup. Mandy stopped, so Carmella went outside and took her. She kicked Mandy in her face, then pulled Sonia out into the ring and started hitting her. Mandy pounded Carmella from behind, but she kicked. Carmella kicked Rose again on her face. Then the whole wardrobe rushed to the ring that came after the R-Truth.

Winner: No race at 1:00

R-Truth put Carmela on his back and ran through the crowd with the cavalry of fighters in pursuit.

(LeClair's analysis: It was just a setup to get to a 24/7 corner for the evening, which is too bad indeed, given that Carmella and Mandy had a small angle coming out of a match on the ladder on Sunday. Unlike previous races, Carmella did not show any remnants of her knee injury, but I guess one of the two is better than none, is it?

-Backstage, Kayla Braxton welcomed the new female champion Smackdown, Bayley. Bailie said the money in the bank was a brutal night, but she would have done it again and again. She said she had created her opportunity so that no one could doubt her abilities. Kayla asked the difference between Champion Bailey and Bailey's embrace. Biley said she moved along the hugs and wants everyone in the dressing room to do the best.

"Somewhere else behind the scenes, Carmel and R-Truth were walking around the corridor frantically. They came across and entered the women's dressing room. A woman screamed from within, and the Truth and Carmella quickly left and went out again. There was the locker room where Ginger Mahal was behind, and Drake Maverick went out and held the WANTED poster. They walked past Sami Zine, who smiled and walked in the other direction. Phillips said Zain's game with Coffey Kingston would be the next.

Elia was in the parking lot behind his break, dancing at his guitar, and waiting for Roman to arrive.

"In the arena, Sammy Zain hastily ejected the ring. The camera cut behind the scenes to show Big E on the floor, clutching his wounded knee. Woods had knelt beside him. Big O repeats "Owens, man." Coffey appeared and asked what had happened. Woods told him to go and take care of the business.

New Day's music is a hit, and Coffey walks fast on the ring, all business.


The Referee had to hold Kingston. When he rang the bell, Coffey charged and took you off. Sammy ran out, but Coffey followed him and dressed him. He quickly returned to the ring, and Kofi delivered a few more shots before Zain held Coffey over the top.

Sammy rolled out to take Kingston. First he threw Coffey's shoulder into the steel steps, then tossed up and down, mockingly. He threw Coffey Bac in the ring and started kicking in the middle of the champ. Sammy pushed Kofi into the corner, but Coffey jumped up on the consoles and turned into a springboard. Zine went outside to regroup, and Phillips sent the ad.

Returning from the ad, Zain made Kingston come to the top. He delivered a few strokes and then followed with a large superplex for two censuses. The dictators confirmed that Big E was taken to a local medical institution. Zain prepared himself for the Hello Kick, but Coffey left the corner with lingerie. He killed Sammy in the corner and chased him, but Sami caught him with a boot on his face.

Coffey quickly recovered and went to "Problem in Paradise," but Zin opposed. He lives in Kingston for the Blue Thunder bomb, but Koffy flew over his back and contacted the Trouble in Paradise for Pin.

Winner: Coffey Kingston at 8:00

As Kofi celebrates, Paul Heyman slowly came to the stage, holding the money in the bank briefcase. He annoyed to open it, moving his figures on the lock, and then looked back at the entrance.

Suddenly, Dolf Ziegler attacks Kofi Kingston at the back of the ring. He repeatedly hit the champion, then pushed him into the corner. He pulled Coffey's hair and hung it upside down on the jaws. Sigler pressed his eyes on Coffey. Dolph took Coffey and threw him over the speaker's desk, then grabbed a chair. He closed it over Kingston's head and banged him into the speaker's desk, facing him. He continued to go out of the WWE champion as the employees tried to eliminate him. A coach rushed to help Coffey. Sigler repulsed them all, and again, he wrapped the chair over Coffey's head, firing a hard blow.

Sigler walked without feeling up the ramp, as a stretcher was removed for Kofi. The messengers were considering Ziegler's motivation when the paramedics loaded Kingston on the litter. In the middle of the ramp, Kofi began to stir. He tried to get out of the stretcher, but the judges and the coach kept him down. Coffey allowed them to take him to the top of the ramp, but then they relaxed from the stretcher and went to the back under his own power until the show faded.

(LeClair's analysis: Well, I can not say that I was expecting this.) The first thing the match was decent, although it was mostly disputed by the advertising break, we saw these two struggles recently and this meeting was much better. a nice distraction from the extended celebration that Coffey had gone into the ring and added drama to the moment that this feud feels too average a map to be a WWE title program.

"The show has returned from advertising with a repeat of Ziegler's return and the brutal attack on Kofi Kingston. The speakers continued to wonder what caused Dolph to unleash such an "unwarranted attack". Tom Phillips confirmed that Coffey had been escorted to the evaluator's room.

In the parking lot, Roman Reigns was shown walking between two production trucks in the arena. Elias stood on one of the trucks and played the guitar. Rhine listened, irritated, then went on to the building.

"In the arena, Lacey Evans rushed to the team's ring. She put her hat on a young girl in the ring. Charlotte Fleur headed for the ring. Graves called her "Charlotte 9 reigns."

The camera cut the gorilla, where Kayla Braxton met Becky Lynch. She asked Becky for her condition after losing the title of Smackdown Women. Becky said she did not feel good without the blue title, but if someone else would have it, she was at least "her". Biley slipped into the frame. Becky said she would shake Bailey's hand, but she feared she might leave her if she did. She told Bailly that she would return for her title. Biley said there would be no other way.

Becky Lynch headed for the ring first to a warm reception. Bailly followed a muted reaction, but a little bigger pop after Bailey's friends jumped out. Bailey finished her entrance on a small screen when a commercial pause with painting in the picture appeared.


During the break the ball rang. Becky and Charlotte repelled things. Becky walked around Charlotte and attacked Lacey on the apron. Charlotte quickly pulled Becky from behind. Biley climbed into the ring to cut off Lacey. Becky scored Charlotte in her corner and was tagged in Bailey.

Burn quickly returned to full screen and turned his shoulder into the corner. Charlotte jumped up and hit a large Boilie rack, then began to squirm with the new champion. Flyer pulled Bailey's horse's tail against the ropes. Charlotte pulled Bailey to the corner and was tagged in Lacey Evans. Evans placed Billy on vacation, then tagged in Charlotte.

Biley recovered and pulled Charlotte out, then tried to label Lynch. Charlotte pulled Becky out of the apron before Bailey came to Becky. Returning to control, Flier hit Bailey and traded with Evans, sealing Bailey in the corner of the heel.

Bailie pulled Charlotte and tried to reach Becky. Charlotte tried to block the label again, but Lynch pushed her away from the label. Becky hit a cross body from Flair's top, then killed Lacey from the apron. She reached out with Fleur, climbed to the middle rope and hit a flying hand. She followed Bexploder.

Charlotte recovered and slammed Lynch's head. She followed him with a big boot. Becky returned slowly to her feet, confronting her with Fleur and turning her. Charlotte used her inertia to become her own ping-pong combination, and she grabbed the rope. The Referee caught her just before she counted up to three. Becky uses instantaneous scattering to turn the assigned combination into it. Lacey rushed into the ring and knocked Lynch with the right woman.

Becky managed to turn to his corner. Biley joined. She took Lacey off the apron. Charlotte took Billy down and went to figure four, but Bailey turned her into a small three-pack.

WINNERS: Bailie and Becky Lynch at 7:00

(LeClair's analysis: I like the friendly competition in the gorilla program before the game Becky is the first former champion from time to time to show real disappointment and sorrow for the loss of the title and is a refreshing note.)

Backward, R-Truth was still on the move. Gander Mahal attacked him at the back and rolled it. The truth was thrown in two. Carmella grabbed the hand of the Truth and led him to the parking lot. There B-Tim assaulted him. Bo Dallas caught the truth, but Axel pulled him out. The two started to argue who would win the title. This allowed the Truth to recover and continue its escape.

(Анализ на LeClair: Ако бяхте ме помолили да предвидя събитията около 24-часова титла тази вечер, не бих имал R-Truth, който да надхитри, или поне да избяга, цялата съблекалня. Но, уви, тук са.)

– След прекъсване на рекламата Сара Шрайбер се обърна към Dolph Ziggler зад кулисите и поиска обяснение. Зиглер каза, че това е честен въпрос, заслужаващ честен отговор. Каза, че вместо да го даде на Сара, той ще го даде на публиката. Той тръгна към горилата.

Долф излезе на сцената. Той каза, че това се отнася за времето, когато Али е наранен и Кофи зае мястото си в Камарата за премахване. Зиглер каза, че е трябвало да е той. Той каза, че Кофи е преодолял шансовете и е постигнал успех, който никога преди не е имал, и всичко това трябваше да бъде той (Долф.) Зиглер изглеждаше така, сякаш се бори със сълзи. "Влязъл е в WrestleMania, за да се бори с Даниел Брайън за титлата на WWE, докато седях у дома, и това трябваше да съм аз."

Dolph каза всеки ден, тъй като, Кофи е бил борец шампион и спечели уважението на феновете и връстниците си. Зиглер каза, че затова е направил това, което е направил, защото е трябвало да е той. Той каза на Super Showdown, че ще победи Кофи Кингстън за титлата на WWE, защото "трябва". Зиглер каза, че тълпата ще го обича и ще го уважава по начина, по който уважават Кингстън. – Вашият шампион на WWE трябваше да съм аз – каза Зиглер. Той хвърли микрофона и си тръгна.

(Анализ на LeClair: Това е интересен маршрут. Ziggler успява да запази настроението на промото предимно мрачно в тон и обем, така че, за него е слава. Макар и малко по-горе, думите му всъщност съдържаха доста Кариерата на Долф е свързана с Кофи по редица начини и е много интересно да се види как те създават враждебност по този начин толкова много години в съответните им кариери.

– На бюрото на дикторите, Филипс, Грейвс и Сакстън се спуснаха по линията за Супер Шоудаун. В Randy Orton срещу Triple H Филипс хвърли видео пакет, в който разказва историята на двамата борец като партньори и съперници.

Музиката на Шейн Макмеън. Той дойде на сцената с микрофон и представи „най-голямото придобиване на Smackdown, Елиас“. Елиас излезе на сцената и свиреше с китарата си. Той и Шейн тръгнаха на песента.

Зад сцената, Роман Рейвънс бе показан да върви на ринга. Том Филипс дразни мача им, идващ след почивката.

След почивката Елиас чакаше на ринга с музиката на Шейн. Музиката на Роман удари голяма публика от тълпата. Reigns се огъна и погледна Елиас и Шейн, докато дикторите дразнеха мача на Reigns с Shane McMahon в Super Showdown.

(5) РИМСКИ ПРАВИЛА срещу ЕЛИАС (без Шейн МакМахон)

Елиас нареди на Reigns да звънне, но Роман го хвърли с ъперкът. Елиас напуснал пръстена, а Римски го преследвал. Той затръшна Елиас на престилката, прибра се и удари шофьора. Шейн подиграваше Роман, който го преследваше около ринга.

Роман отново влезе в ринга и Елиас го удари с ДДТ за почти падане. Той започна да се гърчи с Рейвънс. Той блъсна Роман в пръстена. Рейндж падна навън. Елиас го последва и се подиграваше с тълпата, когато Филипс изпрати предаването на рекламата.

Връщайки се от рекламата, Reigns пое контрола. Той вдигна Елиас в ъгъла и достави девет въжета за дрехи. Елиас излезе зашеметен от ъгъла и Рейнс последва с голям ботуш. Шейн разсея Роман, позволявайки на Елиас да се възстанови и да удари Reigns с скокообразно коляно. Предимството е краткотрайно, тъй като Reigns се възстановява и дава право на Елиас.

Царят накара Елиас да се качи на върха на въжето и се опита да изпълни Самоанската капка. Елиас се промъкна и измъкна Рейвънс от върха в електрическо положение на стол. Той завъртя Рейвънс в силна бомба, за да падне. Елиас бавно придърпа Рейвънс. Той постави Reigns за Drift Away, но Роман даде на Елиас голям задник.

Управляваше Елиас, наклони юмрука си, подпря се и удари удара на Супермен. Той покри Елиас, но Шейн сложи крак на Елиас на въжетата. Рейндж изскочи извън ринга и удари Шейн с Drive-By. Елиас незабавно се нахвърли върху Рейвънс, като го хвърли в пръстена и после в стоманените стъпала. Той хвърли Reigns обратно на ринга и се качи на най-горното въже. Елиас е свързан с голям лакът за почти падане.

Шейн се възстанови на ринга и започна да крещи на Елиас. Той извади китарата на Елиас и я постави в ъгъла на ринга, след което отклони вниманието на съдията. Елиас зарежда с Reigns с китара, но Reigns го хвана с копие за три броя.

Победител: Роман царува в 10:00

Шейн незабавно влезе в ринга и нападна Reigns. Той оразмери Роман с китарата. Шейн се завъртя, но Рейнс го хвана с удара на Супермен. Роман вдигна китарата и сърдито се загледа в Шейн. На ринга се появи Дрю Макинтайър. Роман се обърна и Дрю го удари с брутален Киймър Кик. Шейн МакМахон вдигна ръката на Дрю, докато стояха над Роман и шоуто изчезна.

Анализът на LeClair: По-добро състезание от очакваното и едно от по-добрите усилия на Elias.

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