Monday , January 24 2022

Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection event, solo launches today – PlayStation.Blog


Apex Legends fans, get together in a circle! Today is the debut of the Iron Crown Collection event, which brings new challenges, skins, tweaks to gameplay and a new play mode for the popular royale shooter.

I spoke with Lee Horn, Director of Product Management, about Respawn POV.

Solo's new limited-time mode will be the biggest attraction here for many players. "At its core, Apex is a racing team game," Lee said, explaining that a "huge community desire" has made the studio try something different.

Solos will put 60 players against each other in the first free-to-play battle of all.

Respawn makes no compensation for Solos gameplay, beyond minor user interface and UX settings. The team wants Solos to be "very clean" in his debut, although Horn has indicated that Respawn doesn't mind making adjustments to the game should Solos ever return at some time in the future.

The Iron Crown Collection event will also bring a city-wide Octan-themed takeover that will introduce new zones and new game features. Horn has hinted that urban takeovers "in the near future" may be more focused on the laurels.

Rounding out the event will be other extras, including a new set of themed skins, a new legacy item and a bonus XP weekend. Register!

And what's next for Apex? More events like Iron Crown, for one. "Players can expect more such events … there is much more to come," Horn said. "Please continue to give us your feedback!"

We can also expect Respawn to closely monitor the balance of the game's legendary weapons. Horn has confirmed that the alternator / destroyer combo will be reduced a bit when Iron Crown launches, but larger meta weapon shifts usually stick to the start of the new season.

The Iron Crown Collection event begins today and lasts for two weeks.

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