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Banyana Banyana goalkeeper Caylin Swart in front of the Aukkon crisis: This year is our time

Kaylin Swart held a clean sheet against Nigeria at the start of the game and hoped for a repeat in the semi-final against Mali. Photo: Sydney Mahlangu / BackpagePix

The day almost arrived. Banyana Banyana are on the threshold of the Women's World Cup qualifiers.

They are unprecedented in the African Cup of Nations (Awcon), after defeating Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, and have formed a top B group with Zambia.

This won them a semi-final against the weakest opponents in the last four, Mali, as Cameroon faces Nigeria in the other playoffs.

Only the first three are going through the French Football Championship in France, but Banyana does not want to leave the playoffs in third place to qualify.

They want to complete their work against Mali on Tuesday evening (8.30pm SA kickoff) in Cape Coast, Ghana.

In the last two editions of the event they were in similar situations only to lose the semi-finals and the third place in the playoffs.

"So far we have worked so hard and has died or died tomorrow." Mali is a hard opponent – we watched their games and we know what will come for us, "said Banyana goalkeeper Kaylin Swart at Safa's website on Monday.

"We are ready, I have complete faith and faith in my team, and today's training has helped us prepare for tomorrow.

"We are 90 minutes from what we worked hard throughout the year.

"Every day is a day closer to the place we want to be, the impossible." We were in this position four years ago and we did not go our way.

"This year is our time We have prepared ourselves well and our coaches have full faith in us We have the support of the nation and we do not want to disappoint anyone or ourselves.

The 1: 1 draw with Zambia on Saturday came as a little surprise, especially given that the South Africans had defeated Nigeria, which shook Zambia 4-0.

But Swart believes he may not be able to win against his South African neighbors, perhaps exactly what Banyana needs at this stage of the race.

"We knew Nigeria was a big game and we witnessed the case by starting this way and putting our foot on the pedal a bit … Zambia's game was a call to wake up but we all know what's next, the old man from Port Elizabeth.

"We had a bit of a break to change our minds and our coaches did this to make us think properly." This is the tricky part of the tournament because we do not want to play for third-fourth. we want to do.

"They know who we are now and tomorrow will be a different ball game, I think everyone is ready and our thinking is of a competitive nature.

"We have been in this situation several times, and we have always been short, and tomorrow will be the greatest achievement to achieve this goal."


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