Friday , December 4 2020

Botswana restricts Bridget Radebe's freedom to come and …

Businesswoman Brigitte Radebe's movement in Botswana is limited after reports that she has attempted to intervene in the governing party election. This is a huge loss for her and even more disturbing the administration of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In the Botswana government newspaper, the Minister for Nationality, Immigration and Gender Issues Magang Ngaka Ngaka has published a special announcement stating that two South Africans, Dikeledi Dijeng Bridgette Radebe and her partner, Sandton businessman Malcolm X, will have to apply in the future for visas to enter Botswana.

Most South Africans, except for South Africa some members of the EDF, including the leader Julius Malemamay cross the border to its northern neighbor without visas. Malema's visa restrictions were imposed when in 2011, when he was still the leader of the ANK Youth League, he announced that he would work with organizations in Botswana to change the government during the country's election. Malema subsequently applied for a visa to enter Botswana but was denied.

The State Gazette was published on Wednesday, a day earlier President Cyril Ramaphos sent Lindio Sisulu, the Minister of International Relations, to calm relations with President Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi. However, copies of the notice came public only after the Easter weekend.

However, Ramaphos would probably know about the travel restrictions on Radebe when he sent Sisulu to deal. Radebe is his daughter-in-law (Ramaphos is married to Sepo Mosepe, Radebe's sister) and although she does not seem to approve what she is doing (she is very much opposed to ANC's policy of interfering in a sovereign country policy with good conditions), its proximity to the top could create the impression that Radebe had his blessing.

The constraint is a small blow to Radebe, who said Daily Maverick that the reports of her contribution to the campaign of Foreign Minister Pelonimo Ventson-Mothers, who challenged Massey's presidency, were exaggerated. She admitted she was a friend of Venson-Moitoi but denied that she or her money had been involved in Venson-Moitoi's campaign before Botswana's Democratic Party in Cannes earlier in April.

Radebe also said Daily Maverick studied in Botswana, where she had come close to Venson-Moitoi, and had mining interests in the form of Mmakau Mining. She also explored additional business opportunities with Avante's security services, she said, before the authorities in Botswana became suspicious of the large sums paid by Mmakau Mining in Avante.

Avante's accounts were frozen because of suspicion that Radebe had spent money on the Venton-Mothers campaign. Another high-ranking supporter of Venson-Moitoi was former president Ian Khama, who is trying to regain control of the country.

There is a reasonable chance that Radebe will not be forbidden forever. Unlike Malema, who was open and unruly for her call to change the regime, Radebe denied that the change of regime was what she wanted to do.

However, during the Easter weekend, she seems to have gone to the floor without answering questions and her spokeswoman, referring questions to the South African government.

The Ramaphos Office has forwarded the inquiries to the Department of International Relations, who in turn said he had nothing to say.

The unscheduled visit of Sisulu in Gaborone last week, as well as the visa restrictions against Radebe, show that this is not a small order. DM


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