Sunday , June 13 2021

Cardi B praises Offset's new album, but fans tell her they support fraudsters

The Cardi B and Offset sag continues. Although it is unclear whether these two are together again or not, given that Kardi sends all sorts of confusing innuendoes, she has now made sure she boasts her child through social media.

She writes in Twitter that her father's album is too spicy. But the fans did not look too excited to read this message, and they took care to say this to Cardi in the comments section.

Someone said, "We just took the floor because we will not buy it."

One follower also said, "He does not get my stream, I'm sorry but I do not support cheaters !! I love him cool, daddy culture is cool, but do not force him with us. I will continue to support ur music, but I can not do it!

Someone else believes that "Cardi B deserves a good and faithful person, please get her soon to receive the heart's wishes."

Recently reported that Cardi B missed Offset and she likes to see her with her baby daughter.

One of the insiders told Hollywood Life that "Cardi's heart is totally uniform when he sees that the incredible father of Offset is to Kulture."

The same source continued and explained that "Cardi can not help but overcome Offset when she sees how sweet she is with her little girl, because that's the way to win her heart. Seeing these gentle moments with offset and culture sometimes makes her misses what things are. Cardi has not yet fully decided what he wants to do with his relationship, but these moments help to break off the offset.


Do you think these two will end up together again?

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