Sunday , June 13 2021

Chrome OS gets virtual desktops

Google is working on adding the much-needed performance feature to Chrome OS. 9to5Google reports that the company is working to bring Chrome OS virtual desktop support.

Google engineers have actually published proof of the new feature of Chromium Gerrit, as well as a video demo of the early version of the feature.

Google is currently calling for virtual desks and will essentially let you create different virtual desktops that you can switch between. You'll probably be able to use keyboard keys to switch between desktops permanently, and Google says it will support gestures with the mouse.

Here's a demo:

Virtual desktops are a really useful feature that is found in Windows 10 and MacOS. The experience is a remarkable feature of macOS, and later Microsoft takes it to Windows with Windows 10. This is extremely useful when working on several different things at the same time, and you have many open applications that constantly switch between them. And when all this happens, monitoring everything and organizing the windows can be a real pain.

It is unclear when Google plans to release the new virtual desktop feature for Chrome OS, but given that Google already has a prototype feature, it should not be too long before it arrives for Chrome OS users, probably originally developer beta.

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