Monday , June 21 2021

CIA: China gives Huawei money to spy on US technology companies

Chinese technology company Huawei has been on US radar for some time, but not in a good way. Now the Central Intelligence Agency has found evidence that the company is partly financed by Chinese military and intelligence.

Huawei, which has tried to capture its way to Europe and the US as a legitimate technology company capable of building low-cost infrastructure, especially in the UK, where Huawei seeks to create a 5G network.

The allegations have raised concern for the UK, who are still trying to decide whether a Chinese telecommunications company building the 5G network on Isles is a good or a serious security risk.

According to sources compiled by Forbes, the CIA has warned senior British officials that "the Chinese Ministry of State Security, a principled security organization and espionage, has approved state funding for Huawei."

Sources claim that "only the highest officials of the United Kingdom believed they had seen intelligence, which the CIA provided a strong but not cast iron security classification."

China is accused of managing "private" companies under the control of the government in the past as well as the creation of deliberate "back doors" in software and components sold abroad for civil, private and even defensive purposes.

"We will have to think of a way in the 5G world that we are able to manage the risks in a diverse network that involves technology that we can not trust," said US Assistant Director General Susan Gordon. connected talk in March. "You have to assume a dirty network.

The United States wants the UK to follow their advice and to forbid Huawei to operate in their country, which is part of the Five Eyes Intelligence Network, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Huawei's spokesperson said that the company "does not comment on unwarranted allegations supported by zero evidence from anonymous sources."

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