Monday , January 24 2022

Crab Fight finally lets you play as an armed mussel


If you've felt shellfish are extremely underrepresented in the video game space, Crab Fight is here to fix it.

Fight Club jokes aside, Crab Fight sees you control a crustacean armed to the teeth (crabs have teeth?) With any kind of weapon. We are pretty sure there are some unlicensed versions of Mjolnir and a lightsaber.

While this game had its original release and trailer some time ago, this new trailer comes with early access to the game you can buy right now.

However, this is not Steam Early Access, as the game is for sale on and a similar Japanese site we are not familiar with. It costs $ 14.80 on and $ 1,400 depending on which site you buy it for.

There you will find this incredible description of what is being offered: “These crabs received exceptional power and intelligence from the generous gods. Using their new strength and wit, they armed themselves with human weapons of the best caliber and took control of the lands. Immortal beings of unbending horror, they cannot be killed with swords or even weapons. "

The following is an explanation of what you might have seen in the trailer: The real way to win in Crab Fight is to turn your opponents on your back for three.

This early construction of the game apparently includes 19 types of crabs and 41 weapons. We definitely saw a non-crab lobster in the trailer, so we assume there are 19 different characters here.

It also comes with the necessary specifications, as some controller along with the Nvidia GTX 650 and 8GB RAM is strongly recommended. There is no CPU list, but we guess it's not the most demanding title.

If you decide to take this title and want to provide feedback, the developers also have a Discord game server. An email address is also listed on these store pages.

If you are reading all this and it seems like a little something, maybe because you are thinking about another crab game. Yes really. Crab Champions is another game based on crustaceans armed with weapons, but it has the pedigree to be made by Noisestorm, the man who created the famous Crab Rave song.

Speaking of memes: the header image at the top of this story is not from any game, but instead from this famous video:

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