Thursday , July 29 2021

Do you remember Chex Quest? Free HD Remake is available

Food for reflection

The use of cereals is one of the greatest joy in childhood, and if your sugar snack comes up with a free reward in the box, you were on the 9th cloud. It did not matter if the little trinket is pure garbage and you get bored with it before your grain crop has a chance to get wet. It was yours,

One of the most desirable cereal awards in the 1990s was Chex Quest, a god-friendly video game. He was ahead of his time, both as a promotional product and as a nonviolent one doom formula.

As Chex Warrior, your goal is to teleport (and not kill!) Ligurian aliens that cause problems to the human colonists on the planet Bazoik. Your dude rocks a bumper that looks like a literally giant piece of Chex grain and he can master a spoon. This was fueled by marketing doom I clone, of course, but since the modding scene has since proved, there is a lot of fun being in the wide world of a strange, not so much doom remixes.

If you do not have a special nostalgic affection Chex Quest, you might be surprised to learn that the game is enough to get an HD remake. Over the weekend we have a new trailer.

Chex Quest HD is a project of passion from leading artist Chuck Jacobi and volunteers created with the permission of General Mills. They have not yet committed to an exit date, but once the game is ready, it will be free. "Like the original, it will be a first-person shooter with five levels suitable for all ages."

I can not see that the remake is more than a novelty, but that's all it has to be.

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