Thursday , July 29 2021

Durban's flood victims are forced to sleep on the floor, despite promises of help

EWN counted about 10 mattresses in a temporary shelter in Umlazi, although officials said 75 people were stationed there.

This picture shows the Hindu temple temple, south of Durban, damaged after the city was hit by torrential rains and floods after stormy torrential rain on April 23, 2019. Photo: AFP

UMLAZI – Public halls in Durban flood victims are desperately in need of help because many people are forced to sleep on the floor without enough mattresses to move around.

At least 75 people are placed in temporary shelter in Umlazi's Q district, one of the most affected areas of the deadly floods this week in Kwazulu-Natal.

Officials say the number of victims in the province has risen to at least 67, and four others have been killed in the Eastern Cape.

Testimonial News visited a hall in Umlazi, where flood victims were sheltered and food.

EWN have counted about 10 mattresses, although officials say 75 people were seated there.

Cindy Mchiz, a member of the department's committee, said she worked with very limited resources.

"The area in the hall is enough for people to sleep, but we do not have enough mattresses, food and blankets."

Relief organizations such as the Red Cross also help.

While President Cyril Ramaphos on Wednesday promised funding to help survivors of the disaster, many said they had not seen any government help yet.

Earlier on Thursday EWN speaks with a resident of Umlazi, who said she had resorted to squatting with a relative while waiting for state help after her house was destroyed by floods.

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