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Durban's mayor grieved for former chief scout Stanley Ksulu

Durban – The embattled Mayor of Durban Zandile Gumead sent his condolences to the family of former Evequine chief Stanley Ksulu, who died Friday.

According to reports, Ksulu died on Friday.

"On behalf of the Council and the eThekwini people, I express my deepest condolences to the family, friends and companions of Stanley Ksulu, a humble and hard-working community leader who has always been an activist of our ANC movement," Gumed said statement.

She said that Ksulu served with her as part of the top 5 of the ANC in the eThekwini region – the region's largest region. Ksulu was then a regional vice-president, and Gummede was a regional treasurer.

Xulu is one of the ten advisors who are found to be doing business with the eThekwini community. The Manase report found that counselors had received more than 19 million R19 million orders from the city at the time, the Daily News reported.

The Manasses report says Ksulu's company has signed contracts from the city worth more than 1.7 million. He was hit with a fine that was an effective 18-month salary and written warning.

Ksulu and Gumede served in the executive committee of the eTechini municipality when the political head of the city was former mayor James Nacmalo.

"His move comes at a time when we have had a deep reflection on the current situation of our region in the drive to promote unity. He is one of the leaders who have contributed to the launch of commitments that will unite this region, "Gumead said.

Gumead said he would visit Ksulu's family to convey his message of condolences.

"In our wonderful memory, we will continue to rebuild and unite the movement and union in this region and province because unity is inviolable. We will use this period of mourning to think and work for unity, "she said.

At the same time, about 400 mayor supporters went to the headquarters of the province of ANC KZN on Friday in support of the dangerous Gumede, who was arrested this week for graft charges linked to an auction of 200 million Durban solid waste from 2016.

It was released on bail by R50,000 by the Commercial Court in Durban.

Some of the flags that her supporters wore read "NPA and Hawks used to settle political results," as a sea of ​​green and gold cover crossed parts of the Durban CBD.

Since then, ANC in KZN has denied a report according to which the Party Integrity Commission has called on Gumede to resign from its mayor's post.

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