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Eric Venter offers Comair goodbye

Comair's Management Board announced that Chief Executive Officer Eric Venter had resigned from the company to pursue its own interests.

Comair operates under its low cost airline,, as well as on the British Airways ambulance as part of a licensing agreement.

Venter, who has been in Comair for 23 years – 13 of them as CEO – leaves at the end of July 2019.

The board has not yet decided on a new assignment. The board chairman and former Comair Chief Executive, Pieter van Hoven, said that Venter, who is only the fifth CEO in the company's 73-year history, leaves Comer in a much stronger position than when he started.

"When Eric took over, Comer was almost entirely dependent on its airlines, which are known for seasonal and economic whims," ​​Van Haven said in a statement.

"He thinks and guides our diversification strategy, and other business groups now account for nearly 30 percent of pre-tax profits, a proportion that grows."

These include the group's investments in aviation training academy with a global customer base, as well as SLOW lounge, grocery food industry, tourism business, and investment in technology solutions for tourism, travel and aviation.

Wrenelle Stander, an industry veteran and former director of Comair, who has now returned to the board of directors, is a recent member of an executive team who together has more than 100 years of experience in the airline.

Stander was appointed CEO responsible for airline business in September last year.

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