Sunday , June 13 2021

Eskom will cease to exist by April – Department "Public Enterprises – Citizen"

A document issued by the State Enterprise Department states that Eskom is now technically untenable and will cease to exist in [the] the current trajectory until April 2019. "

According to Anca Larsen of the eNCA, which published a page in the document, the rescue during the upcoming speech of Tito Moben's budget may be the only solution.

The document describes Eskom's debt, which currently accounts for 15% of the sovereign debt of South Africa, or the amount our government has borrowed.

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He adds that the revenue generated by the enterprise does not cover operating costs and debt servicing costs.

The document also points out that the debt to the municipality, especially in Soweto, currently amounts to 28 billion rubles and increases at a rate of 1 billion dollars a month.

Nevertheless, the document states that the number of employees in the enterprise has increased from 32,000 in 2007 to 48,000 in 2018.

The department also announced that open gas turbines will be needed to keep the lights on while scheduled maintenance is being carried out in the coming months to restore our energy production capabilities.

These turbines will be needed at least until March.

Loss of cargo, meanwhile, continues unabated, with Eskom announcing its fourth day of planned power outages.

Lowering the Stage 3 load will result in a 3,000MW reduction in the national network from 6am to 9am on Wednesday, the company said.

Shortage is the result of a number of generating units that have been decommissioned due to collapses.

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"Our support teams continue to work hard all night to bring the units back online. Four blocks were returned to a total of 1,675MW [on Tuesday] and we expect an additional 600MW to get back to the service [on Wednesday]"It said in a statement Tuesday night.

"Despite the fact that these generators have been returned as planned and some additions to diesel supplies, the water and diesel reserves are still very low and we remain concerned about the risks to our operations as a result of the planned national strike on Wednesday [Congress of South African Trade Unions] COSATU ".

On Tuesday, the Labor Federation called for national closures in eight provinces. He urged workers to stay at home on Wednesday and not go to work, while others will be spitting around the country.

Eskom said they would activate contingency plans for Wednesday.

"We have activated unforeseen circumstances in case the employees are involved in the strike and if there is an additional impact on our operations. However, it is important to note that within the meaning of Article 77 (1) of the Labor Relations Act only employees who are not engaged in a basic service or maintenance service are entitled to participate in the strike. "

(Composed by Daniel Friedman, Additional Report by ANA)

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