Monday , June 14 2021

EskomSePush pulls jumps against the load unloading

EskomSePush was created about four years ago.

Photo: EskomSePush app

JOHANNESBURG – An app created by two friends to help South Africans move on a load unloading is currently the most downloaded application of the iOS operating system.

EskomSePush was created about four years ago.

On Wednesday afternoon, it has gone from about 2,000 users to over 450,000 people.

One of the owners, Dan Wales, explains how they receive load-reduction schedules to make people's understanding easier.

"We did a lot of manual capture or cropping of data from our application. And then we sort it in our system so when app users connect, they can get it even if those systems are off or other sites are off. "

Check out the landing schedule for your area here.
See a data card to reduce the Cape Town load here.

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