Friday , November 27 2020

FF + goes to the Electoral Court to cancel BLF's registration as a political party

The party also accuses IEC of not publishing BLF's registration, thus denying the public and others who would object to registration the opportunity to register their objections.

"IEC is not willing to admit that it has made a mistake by allowing BLF to register as a political party, and so FF Plus will ask the electoral court to instruct IEC to correct this mistake," said Pieter Party leader Groenewald on Tuesday,

"FF Plus believes that most of the problems of South Africa are caused by a pure disregard for legislation. That is why it is important for the country to continue working on this issue, as the IEC can not be allowed to violate the legislation. It threatens democracy in South Africa and the maintenance of law and order, "he said.

FF Plus MP Corne Mulder said that while they understand that BLFs are already being printed, the code of conduct provides that "if a political party violates the code, IEC may decide not to count the votes of that particular party" ,

"We say it is possible to ensure BLF – even if their name is already in the vote – that their voices can not be counted. We want this from the electoral court to ensure that they do not participate in the election and are written off as a political party, "he said.

Mulder argues that IEC has also concluded that BLF's write-off will make it difficult for them to secure peaceful elections. "This is a very inaccurate argument: whether the party is or should not be the reason to stick to the law or not, it does not make any sense," he said.

Another FF Plus deputy, Wouter Wessels, said the IEC had not considered the merits of his party's complaint and rejected it on the basis of the expiration of the opposition deadline.

– Our argument is that these 30 days [to object] has never started because it has never been published. They have not kept our appeal on the basis of the timeframe – and then the convenience, namely that elections are inevitable, "he said.

IEC said it was not in a position to answer questions because the matter was in court and therefore in court.

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