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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Review – "Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

Eammon Jacobs is reviewing the second episode of Game of Thrones season 8 …


Then Game of ThronesRe Premiere Episode has again gathered a huge list of heroes to Winterfell to prepare for war, it will always be interesting to see how all these different character dynamics will work in a highly stressful situation. The white footballer's threat weighed them, and with such little time to prepare, the tension would always have passed a little higher than usual. Daenerys, John and Sansa do not waste time questioning Jaime after his arrival – and their vicious line of interrogation is perfectly understandable. Ever since the beginning of the episode, the series has returned to its hard roots in dialogue, exploring different attitudes and openly declaring how difficult the situation is. Just like the old times!

He does not feel like recycling the old material, though thanks to the reversal of the role and symbols that reveal a real sense of agency. Take, for example, Jaime; managed to save himself in the eyes of the audience for several seasons, he still pays for his actions as Kingslayer – but still feels the responsibility to compensate for his actions and protect the world despite his sister's wishes. Surprisingly, Bran has not revealed what Jaime did to him in the first season – but then he spends most of his time looking at people …


The relationship between Tyrion and Jamie feels surprisingly healthy in a series full of unpleasant heroes and brutal attitudes. Add his readiness to serve under Brienne (more than one), and once arrogant and genuine Lannister has evolved in ways that no one would expect in the young days of the show. Although there is a sense of foreboding when Tyrion mentions that Cersei will have no chance of killing him north … Eventually Bronn was given a crossbow to kill the younger Lannister.

Sansa looks incredibly majestic in her conversation with Dannery, perhaps because of her blazing red hair – but she surprisingly reminds Saarese Ronan in Mary, the Queen of the ScotsTheir honest conversation is refreshing, and even annoying in the premier episode, Stark's sister is harshly diplomatic. The couple may not be the best friend in the near future, but the coals of healthy working dynamics are there. Dannery's reaction to anyone who does not address her on the issue of Jaime can lead to a greater fight in the Allies' camp. In fact, she spends a significant portion of the episode in conflict with her closest friends to her, will her power thirst hinder her ability to rule?


Game of Thrones there is still an authentic heart beat under all these layers of the bumper Theon and Sansa reunited. There is a real sense of forgiveness after their respective traumatic experiences over the years. Even on several lines of restless dialogue, Alfi Allen manages to surrender an insecure force thrown out of torture into the hands of Ramsey Bolton. But to say that this is the last season and we are made to believe that it will be our war for the six episodes – this is remarkably slow. Not that it's not fun because watching all those characters who work together (except Cersei, of course) is fascinating to watch – but it's not as warm as you'd expect. Tormund drunkenly explaining his title to Janson brings some light to the contemplation of the crew of the Winterfleet crew that they can die at any time.

Arya's and Gendry's chemistry is not as warm as it could be, but it's definitely there – mostly in the comedic liners delivered with a dry mind to Maisie Williams. Their last act of passion is of utmost importance in the calmness of the white walker-and is hardly the most controversial thing that the show has gone. And in a strange parallel, Jaime Knightly Brien also feels like a curse.


Unfortunately, all this development of character and newly discovered friendship means one thing – death, many. However, we will have to wait a week for this because this slow episode focuses on making sure the audience remembers why they fall in love with a sprawling list of characters. Maybe it's a fan club, maybe it's just a confirmation of what's really on the map. Though there was no bloody finale, the dramatic climax comes when John actually recognizes to Deeneris who she really is … Of course, her first reaction is to the Iron Throne and to the fact that he has a real claim to him. Nor is it spoken of by compassion or understanding – it sounds like jealousy. She is understandably angry by considering her monumental journey to get even here. It did not sound like she was aware of the consequences of their romantic relationship. On the other hand, she probably will not call her Aunt Dannery soon.

But before they could do anything, war wars were destroyed. Winter is here as well as White Pedestrians. Another week and then we're half in the last season. It looks like a huge battle between White Pedestrians and Winterfell. The director is Miguel Sapognik, who has pursued the incredible episodes "Hardhome" and "Battle of the Bastards". We only have to wait and see what horrors the heroes expect on the battlefield.

Eammon Jacobs

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