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Haley Baldwin Caught Justin Bieber Text Messages Selena Gomez Fly Out Eff Out!

Earlier this month, we heard messages that Justin Bieber ignored his wife to talk to Selena Gomez.

We did not want to believe because of Haley – or, frankly, for Selena.

But a new report says that Haley found that Justin spoke with Selena behind her. And she went ballistic,

Haley Baldwin sinks in silver

According to RadarOnlineHaley Baldwin "exploded" when she looked through her famous husband's cell phone.

"Justin constantly talks about Selena," reports inside information.

Tip: The discussions of your former – especially your most serious former – may often be a sick subject around your new husband.

"And Haley is at the boiling point with all that," says the source.

But the discovery of their supposed messages pushed things out.

Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin: A Little Piece of Sky

Obviously, Haley was doing his best to make peace with Justin's announcement of Selena.

"But" the internal claims. "When she caught Jastin with Selena's lyrics on her phone last week," it all changed.

"Haley has completely lost," the source said.

"And," added the inner, Haley even personally "got to Selena".

The source explains that she has made this controversial contact. – tell her to stay away from her husband!

Selena Gomez makes a sour face

Shockingly, the insider says Selena laughs at Haley's attempt to set a border.

"Selena thinks it's all fun," the source said.

The interior explains that Selena claims she has this opinion "because she knows that Justin will always love her."

"And," the source added, "Selena suggests that Haley is disposable.

"The worst," says the inner one. "Haley knows that too.

Selena Gomez, Sunglasses Sunglasses

"There is really nothing that can make Haley to change the way Justin feels," the source complains.

The feelings of other people are ours and beyond our control.

In this sense, some people can not even control their own own feelings!

– He talks to Selena again – he emphasizes the inner one.

"And," adds the source. – They are in good condition.

Big Kiss for Haley

Sounds like Jelena's loaders, at least I do not think Justin's marriage to another man means a lot.

Not in the long run.

"Haley is a small episode in her life," the inner man is categorical.

"And," says the source. "Everyone knows it's just a matter of time before it is presented."

Wow, it's cold.

But … is it true?

Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin Kiss

At risk of theft Gossip Cop'S schtick, it just does not contribute to a true story.

We do not know what he has heard or heard of this alleged source.

Maybe Haley is insecure in her marriage, because of how quickly it happened and how unusual it was, sometimes.

But for the lives of people, we can not imagine Selena Gomez gloating over Haley's misfortune.

On the one hand, Selena is the one who finishes things and is believed to have done this for the last time because she realized that Justin did not really change.

Justin's indecision and personal problems do not mean that Selena feels the same way. Hopefully, Haley knows this.

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