Sunday , July 25 2021

Harry and Megan's royal baby may be American

British Prince Harry and his megan (AP Photo / Frank Augstein, File)

London – What would the founding fathers think? Almost 250 years after the US began a revolution to get rid of the British royal family, the next royal baby could be an American.

The idea that the heir of the former colonies will be seventh in order to move to the throne Queen Elizabeth II may change the royal family from within – and help expand the popularity of the monarchy.

Duchess Duchess and Duchess Duchess – Megan Marchel became Duchess when he married Prince Harry a year ago – soon to be expected.

Baby Sussex, as the child is known before his birth, will be the product of two cultures: his father – a prince who is a symbol of Britain; his mother is an American American – a television star with a white father and an African-American mother.

The child is unlikely ever to become king or queen, but the presence of a semi-American child who may choose to have dual citizenship can shake the royal family just as Megan's arrival has had a modernizing effect on the majestic, but sometimes Windsor's House.

"It is possible that the child has a lot of American influence," said the king's commentator, Ugo Vickers. "The royal family is not totally unused for such things. The children were born with Greek mothers or mothers from Germany in the past, but Megan is the first American mother to be so close to the royal family.

Of course, Megan does not follow any of the royal scenarios when it comes to giving birth.

Unlike Harry's brother Prince William and his wife Kate, Harry and Megan chose to keep the details of their baby's planning private, despite – or perhaps because of – the intense media interest in the arrival of the baby expected over the next few weeks .

The couple did not reveal where Megan intends to give birth, so it is unlikely to be a 24/7 media outlaw, as was the case with the birth of William and Kate's three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Lewis.

Do not expect a photo of the happy family leaving the hospital and look perfect hours after birth – Harry and Megan said they wanted to celebrate privately with their family before telling the world that a baby was born.

Palace officials, accustomed to playing a role in the choreography of major royal events, are concerned that Harry and Megan can announce the birth of their new Instagram profile – and give the public their first look at the baby through Instagram.

Harry faces less pressure to comply with the royal protocol than William for the role of William as a likely future king: he will follow his throne to his 70-year-old father, Prince Charles.

This also makes the baby's American origin a less important issue, as it will require a series of tragedies to hit William's baby for the baby Suex to become a monarch.

This did not prevent the British media from speculating that Megan would choose an American nanny – Mary Poppins to be damned! – and perhaps even put a person in this crucial role. Some believe that Megan will insist on dual citizenship for the child, which is allowed on both sides.

Joe Little, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, says many people have no problems with the developing monarchy traditions.

"Our royal family, like all other European royal families, are no longer married to royal families, so it is inevitable and many would say something good," he said.


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