Sunday , September 25 2022

Harvard's acceptance letter to Blac Chyna is reported falsely


It seems to be the year of college fraud. Black China announced on Monday that is accepted in the Harvard Business School's online program. However, a new article from TMZ reports that she has never been admitted to the school.

Earlier this week, Chyna shared a letter of acceptance with the department, congratulating her on her admission to an online course called Business Analytics, which aims to teach students how to make business decisions through interpreted data. At that time, Cina said TMZ that she is in the "stage of realization and growth" and that "the school will help me take a few things."

"People always talk about me, they can talk about the good," she added. – I'm glad for the next chapter.

This is said in a subsequent report, TMZ states that they have received a statement from Harvard himself saying: "The Harvard Business School Online has not allowed or provided a letter to accept a person named Angela White – which means the letter she gave to the store is fake.

After I dug a little longer, TMZ I also learned that the cunning was invented by a PR company led by Christian Emiliano who sent an email to his team offering "to do the whole thing and even take a picture of her carrying a Garvard hood … for a price."

And this price? Cool $ 3250. And for what? To add a "present Harvard" to her autobiography to raise her brand.

"Our team will complete the course for you, all you have to do is take a test (we will provide you with the training guide) and then get credit for the program," the report said. "You can go to Harvard University and shoot a Harvard hood on / you can post updates to your snapchat and Instagram Story."

Chyna has not yet commented on the matter.

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