Monday , September 26 2022

Here's how much they charge MTN and Vodacom for data in other countries


The Competition Commission's investigation has examined Vodacom and MTN's prices in countries like Lesotho, Nigeria and Rwanda after South Africans have been stubbornly complaining about the high prices they have imposed.

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JOHANNESBURG – The Commission for the Protection of Competition announced on Wednesday that South African data users were overestimated by Vodacom and MTN compared to other countries in which they also work.

The report of the Commission for Market Data Survey published on Wednesday says: "Existing international price comparisons of mobile prepaid data collectively show that South Africa is currently performing poorly compared to other countries, dear.

The study looked at Vodacom and MTN prices in countries like Lesotho, Nigeria and Rwanda after South Africans stubbornly complained about high data prices and the "importance of accessibility of South African economy and consumer data."

Below is how much each service provider has charged in these countries for 1 GB of prepaid data in 2017

MTN SA: R159

MTN Botswana: R166.89

MTN Ghana: R59

MTN Ivory Coast: R 44.88

MTN Nigeria: R41.95

Vodacom SA: R147

Vodacom Egypt: R14.91

Vodacom Nigeria: R36.89

Waterloo Angola: R44

Vodacom Lesotho: R100

The survey, however, states that, according to the pricing analysis, these two operators are "largely able to determine prices regardless of the networks of the contenders."

The verification relies on the Mobile Tariff Report for 2017 by the South African independent communications body.

($ 1 = R13.32 – the average annual exchange rate in 2017, according to Nedbank, citing Reuters.)

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