Wednesday , June 16 2021

Huawei's network "pause" – answers Vodacom

The Vodafone group, which has a majority stake in Vodacom, has suspended some Huawei equipment purchases from being "another hindrance to the Chinese technological giant's ambitions."

In a statement by Bloomberg, Vodafone CEO Nick Chet said there was a lot of "noise" around the governments that banned Huawei's network equipment and the facts had to be established.

Vodafone is in talks with the company and various agencies and governments after a pause to buy Huawei's equipment for its core network.

Reed added that banning Huawei's broadband network equipment will impact operators and create a "significant delay" in introducing 5G.

This move followed continued US pressure to prevent Huawei's equipment from being used in broadband and telecom networks.

Impact on Vodacom

MyBroadband contacted Vodacom to see if Vodafone Huawei pause would affect Huawei's work and use of the equipment, and the company provided the following statement:

Against the backdrop of the growing political noise in Europe and the desire to make sure the industry is discussing on this issue, Vodafone has decided to stop any new deployment of Huawei 5G equipment in its core in Europe.

Reporting with Bloomberg

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