Sunday , June 13 2021

"I stopped publishing for my children in social media"

Pink is honored with a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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  • During a segment The Show of Ellen Degeneres, singer Pink said she will no longer publish photos to her children online.
  • This move comes after receiving hundreds of "average" comments from online haters.
  • "I'm proud of my children than everything I've done, and I just will not share them any more," she said. – Will not do it.

    Pink sees red.

    The 39-year-old singer appeared in the episode on Monday The shows Ellen Degeneresrevealing how busy online commentators come after her because they disagree with her parenting style.

    "So many people in social media are constantly catching me," she said after Ellen showed a video to son Jameson who said "hell." language. I'm sure it came from you. And what kind of mother do you think you are?

    This is not the first time that a social media publication includes Pink's son (she also has a daughter, Willow, who is 7 years old), inspired trolls to come out of their caves. Earlier this month, Pink published Instagram's picture of Jameson – without a diaper – meeting a new Pelican friend. The image raised his eyebrows because of Jameson's nakedness, and after the feedback, Pink took off the picture and published an edited version in which her son's genitals were written.

    – We live on a farm. My children are naked. It happens. Sometimes I'm naked, "said Pink Ellen. – People came to the point that they said, "Someone should call baby services" because he did not have the diapers on, and "How dare you?" – just some of the most unpleasant things. I cried so hard afterward because I love to share my family … I'm proud of my kids from everything I've ever done and I just will not share them anymore. Will not do it.

    Of course, not everyone who is exclusively online is also extremely harsh, and Pink is sure to say so much, adding that he even learned one or two of polite and helpful commentators who pointed to errors or insensitivity. The key word here is polite,

    "I understand people say," You have to be more careful, you are in the public eye, you have to think about it, "and they are right, but there is a nice way to say it online, she said.

    We could not tell ourselves better, Pink.

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