Monday , January 24 2022

IN PHOTOS SA finally meets the young woman known as Sefani Nurse


Solomon's identity was revealed on Tuesday thanks to a book entitled Zephan: Two mothers, one daughter, an incredible true story,

The 22-year-old, who met her biological parents only when she was 18 years old, filed a petition with the Pretoria High Court to overturn the ban on restricting her identity.

Only hours after her wishes were fulfilled, the book was set to hit the shelves.

Announcing the nook, NB published on its website: "This is every mother's worst nightmare: Your newborn baby is abducted shortly after birth. But how does it feel to know, when you are a teenager, that you are actually a kidnapped baby? your mother is a kidnapper and you are Sefani Nurse.

"In this book, Michel Solomon first tells her side of the story. She talks about her battle with her dual identity, about the complicated relationship with her two families and who she is with now."

The 320-page book, written by Joan Joel, costs R260.

In a statement filed with the Pretoria High Court, Solomon identified himself as KL. Citing the annulment of a previous court ruling restricting the publication of her real name, she stated that her position was "radically different from when the order was issued" and that she was at peace with her "new reality".

The Cape Town High Court has sentenced a woman who abducted Solomon to 10 years in prison in 2016.

In his explanation of the legal basis, "Lavon Solomon – who cannot be baptized to protect the girl he abducted – details his numerous attempts to conceive" a number of abortions and his desperation to adopt a child.

She said a woman she knows as "Sylvia" gave her the baby, and told her that "a young girl is not interested in keeping her baby and wants to hand her over for adoption." She claims to have paid Sylvia R3000 for adoption and fertility treatment.

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