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Is Jaime and Briene free to love at last? Here's what the co-chairs say

Jaime and Brien. Photo: HBO

This article contains spoilers for Season 8, Episode 2 of "Game on Thrones".

Jaime Lennister knew it would not be easy to leave King's Landing to join Team Living at Winterfell. But he probably did not expect a lot of public interrogation for some of his actions that denigrated his honor: for the murder of Dannery's father, and also by pressing a curious little Stark boy out of the window.

Now that the children injured by Jaime's behavior were old enough to hold him accountable, the king needed a friendly face. Thyric acid need not be applied.

Aside from White Walker's invasion, the events of Sunday's episode of "Playing the Throne" must have come as a relief to Jaime. With his life on line he had the best possible character: Brightness from Tart. And now that Jaime separated from his sister, they finally managed to share some happiness.

The best way for Jaime to show his love and respect for Brian was Knight's Brienne. It was also a very moving culmination of one of the richest relationships in the series-and precisely before the world around them began to collapse. This month, actors Nicolas Jaude and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) spoke of the infinitely fascinating dynamics that animated their two heroes. These are edited excerpts from this conversation.

Question: You both have such a great relationship as actors and heroes. Have you ever thought of what might have happened between Jaime and Brien if they met in happier times?

Gwendoline Christie: If they had met in happier times, he would not talk to her. And she would just ignore it.

Nikolay Koster-Waldau: He would have talked to her! But she would not talk to him unless she was forced to do it.

Christy: Why talk to her when she spends her time offending her? I do not think you would have. And also, what I think is the reason why Bryan makes Jaime a sympathetic character …

Koster-Waldau: Will you go back to something I made wrong?

Christy: It transforms it from the stereotypical man to the kind of patriarchal perfect knight in shining armor …

Koster-Waldau: That's exactly nine years.

Christy: … and deconstructing it. So I do not believe he'd talk to Brien.

Koster-Waldau: Well, you have the right to your own opinion.

Christy: I appreciate that! Thank you. Just what, seven or eight years to allow me to express my opinion? Instead of shouting in my face?

Koster-Waldau: Obviously, you have no problem with entering a word. (Laughing.)

Christy: Thus, George R.R. Martin that he is the beauty and I am the beast. And with this format, you actually see their complexity, and this is the reason for your intimate and loving relationship with the characters, not just for glamor.

Question: Or Jaime is also a beauty and a beast, as he is transformed.

Koster-Waldau: No, you are absolutely right. But that's also interesting for Jaime. People will talk to me during Season 1 and say, "He's such a disgusting guy! He is a terrible man! "Yes, as far as sex with his sister is concerned, morally, I would not … but they are clearly two adults, I will find out if you are more upset that he tried to kill an innocent child by pushing Bran There was no other way from Jaime's point of view, he would do anything to protect the people he loved from the child's knowledge, but there are always consequences.

Question: Jaime has long been cursed for murdering the Mad King. Not only because of his murder, but also of violating his vow to protect him. People can be less upset if they understand why,

Koster-Waldau: I understand why it's hard for Jamie to talk. Jaime is always ashamed of the fact that he has violated his vow. His job was to protect this man. You may think that what he has chosen to do to save the world would be so obvious that it is the right thing to do. Yet in this world it is not. And he has to live with this fact. But Brian understands. And he sees himself in her, in her devotion to others. She is one of the few people she can trust.

Q: How do you think their life would be if the battle was over if the battles were won, and if they could really retire and live their lives in peace?

Koster-Waldau: Well, I think both of them are … I would say they are ruined people, but that's wrong. They have a history and carry this story with them as we all do. You are in contact with someone who has had a very long relationship with another woman where they had three children and lost these three children in a very brutal way and knowing that she just left that woman who is now pregnant with the baby yours. .. I mean, it's not easy. It will be complicated.

Q: Do you think Breeane would mind if Cersei is pregnant?


Koster-Waldau: No!

Christy: She would.

Koster-Waldau: Do you think it would?

Christy: (Laughs)

Koster-Waldau: Well, then yes, he would.

Christy: He had this intense sexual relationship with his sister, and then had the ongoing relationship with Breeane. This is a busy relationship and I do not think it is defined in any of their minds. But they know they like to see each other.

Koster-Waldau: They are clearly alike.

Christy: I do not do that! (It laughs.) I think it was not really obvious. Nothing has been discovered. If you take it from Season 2 when Jaime and Bryan meet for the first time, along with the length of their history, the changes in their dynamics … watch how they move from repulsion to one another, to respect, to encourage others, to possible attraction.

Koster-Waldau: And they can not admit it.

Christy: No, it's you. (Laughs.) Refreshing perception of feminine sexuality, desire and love, when it is not about begging to be loved and therefore approved. There is much more internal struggle. Deep conflict, where you do not need to be, do not want to be and who want to be. I was enjoying this undermining of the relationship between men and women. Usually this is, "Please, please me. Please, adore me. Please be physically intimate with me. "Would the beating even want to do something like a hand?

Koster-Waldau: Very obviously not!

Christy: Good luck with this!

Question: One of the most romantic moments was when Brienna tried to bring back the Ottera sword, and Jaime said it was hers – that she had always been hers.

Christy: I think it's a shared property. Common item.

Koster-Waldau: We do not even have to share. We have two (Valirian steel swords). But if we have to share, I will share with you.

Christy: Yes, but my sword. You gave me that sword.

Koster-Waldau: Yes, this is yours.

Christy: Okay, I just wanted to make sure of it now, not the court.

Koster-Waldau: Absolutely. You can trust me.

Also watch Jamie and Bryan reading fan comments.

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