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It is alleged that YES faces the risk of policy separation

Several senior members of the Democratic Alliance are considering breaking off to form a new party because of disputes about its political stance, according to people familiar with the issue.

Some officials are worried about adopting policies that detract from liberal roots before the May 8th national elections, including the "Secure our Borders" campaign, which, according to analysts, is a populist call to expand its support. Other disagreements include how to deal with the issue of black economic empowerment.

They held talks to secure funding for the new party, said one of the people who asked not to be identified because the talks were private. Plans were postponed until the end of the election because of the concern that there is not enough time to mobilize sufficient support, and there is a strong likelihood that the group will decide to push for a change from inside the prosecutor, the person said.

Speculation about the division is wrong, party leader Mobius Mayman said in an interview on March 18th.

– I totally reject them. YES is a growing organization. Along the way there will be people who want to go back and we already see this, "he said. "It is a great difficulty for me to pick up four or five people who talk to the media and try to suggest that they are separated from the prosecutor's office and suddenly the prosecutor breaks down, which is the best of the false narrative."

Vulnerable country

While the Prosecutor's Office is continuously expanding its support of 1.8% of its predecessor's Democratic Party's vote in 1994 to 22.2% in 2014, it now controls the two largest cities in the country and its administrative capital through coalitions. the decline of apartheid. In a study published last month, Ipsos predicts that the prosecutor's office will receive 18% of the votes and the ANC about 60%.

"This is a vulnerable country," said Ralph Matteka, an independent political analyst. "Sometimes their growth strategy is not in line with the core values ​​of YES."

Officials believe some of the prosecutors, including leaders who have withdrawn from the ANC, are less focused on policies than on the fight against corruption with which the ruling party has been linked, the person said.

An excited public dispute with Patricia de Lille, which formed its own group after being expelled by the mayor of Cape Town, highlights the internal struggles in the party in the province of West Cape.

Small breakaway parties usually struggle for impact, and this may encourage dissatisfied officials to remain within the prosecution and fight for their ideals, Mattega said.

"It is very painful to be a small opposition party," he said. "What you will most likely see is a long, tormented battle for the soul of the party.

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