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J.D. Power is well-known with its annual US vehicle reliability study, which attempts to rank car manufacturers based on reliability using data from consumer surveys.

J.D. Power released this week's 2019 list, which showed some minor changes in vehicle reliability last year.

For the study, J.D. Power examines original vehicle owners after three years of ownership on various categories, including exterior, interior, seating, engine / transmission, driving experience, audio / navigation and control / displays. The test measures the number of problems encountered on 100 vehicles, such as J.D. Power then ranked the brands on the basis of this indicator by assigning them a rating of "PP100". The lower the score, the fewer problems the car owners have of that brand. Simple!

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Scroll down to see which brands have achieved the best PP100 score from J.D. Power this year. It should be noted that minor technology problems, such as defective voice recognition systems or slower than normal entertainment screens, are considered a "problem" in this study, so poorly classified vehicles may not be unreliable in the traditional sense of the word. , but may instead have questions about how its technology works.

10. Kia

Kia is still very reliable, appearing in the top 10 of J.D. Power for the most reliable brands, but has fallen from 5th place in 2018 to 10th. Last year it had a result of PP100 of 122 and had a similar result of 126 this year.

8. Hyundai (tie)

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Review

Hyundai dropped from 6th place in last year's survey to 9th this year. He had a PP100 score of 127 last year and had a score of 124 this year, so the result of Hyundai's reliability did not get worse – the competition just got better.

8. Audi (tie)

2019 audi a6

Some German brands have fought to study the reliability of J.D. Power in recent years, but Audi has improved its previous performance by posting a PP100 score of 124. Audi did not appear in the top 10 last year.

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7. BMW

The result of the BMW PP100 for 2019 is 122, which is a good improvement over the 2018 score of 127.


4-door hard top

MINI is a surprising brand that you can see on this list. His vehicles have proved to be reliable over the past few years, although they have achieved the PP100 score of 119.

5. Buick

2019 buick lacrosse sport tours

Buick is becoming a major part of the J.D. He made a surprise appearance on the list last year with a score of 116 from PP100 and returns this year with a solid score of 118.

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Another General Motors brand appears on the list on the Chevrolet road. He published PP100 score of 124 in 2018 and improved this year by 115. Nice!

2. Toyota (tie)

2019 Toyota RAV4 Review

Toyota is the king of vehicle reliability. He reported PP100 score 108 last year, enough to match the second and huge improvement over last year's 127.

2. Porsche (tie)

The Porsche is another brand that becomes known for its reliability. He had a PP100 score of 100 last year and was a bit worse this year with a score of 108.

1. Lexus

For the eighth consecutive year (!!!), Lexus is the undisputed champion of vehicle reliability. He published the PP100 score of 99 last year and this year had a score of 106.

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