Monday , August 2 2021

Jake applauds SA Rugby's new bargaining system

Cape Town – former small South African gas Coach Jake White welcomed SA Rugby's decision to revamp its bargaining system.

Last week, it was announced that if it moved forward, SA Rugby would completely abolish its rule that players based abroad should have 30 test caps to qualify for Springbok's selection.

In addition, SA Rugby is committed to implementing rule 9 – a world rugby solution that forces clubs to make their international players available during the test match windows up to 14 weeks a year.

In his All Out Rugby column, White applauded the decision.

"If we had taken a position under Ordinance 9, when our players started going abroad, European clubs would soon realize that signing South Africans was risky business." The White writes.

"We should never allow a situation where players with 30 or more hats go abroad and continue to play for Boxing Avoiding Springboks and wearing this jersey should always be the top of each player's career in South Africa a parent who allows the child to cross the line for a while and now puts his foot down – better late than never!

"There is no club in the world who wants to sign a player knowing he may be missing out on important parts of the season Now it will happen that these European clubs will think twice about signing SA players because they can be withdrawn Team of the team every time there is a choice of national team and the separation from it is that you will get more talent, staying in South Africa and developing the next generation of players.

"However, in order to achieve this right, it is crucial that SA Rugby does not allow some players to apologize for the tests without withdrawing from the international rugby because it will make a mockery of that plan."


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