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James Bulger's movie will not be downloaded from the UK News Oscars

James Bulger's murder film will be allowed to compete with the Oscars, despite the mother's mother's demands.

Dennis Fergus said he was there demanded that Vincent Lambe's detention be withdrawn from the ceremony next month after being nominated for the best short-action action game.

She said she was particularly disturbed by the rewriting of James, led by the hands of his young assassins, John Turner and Robert Thompson.

James Boulder's new murderer film director talks about manipulating the subject and Oscar nomination for the film.
James Bulger's murderer's movie is derived from police interviews

The academy did not agree with this, saying: "The academy expresses its deep condolences to Mrs. Fergus and her family. We are deeply excited and saddened by the loss we have experienced and we take their concerns very seriously.

"Following the longstanding founding principles established to preserve the integrity of the awards, the academy in no way affects the voting process.

"Detention was voted by members of the academy, and when they make their choice, each individual applies their own judgment about the creative, artistic and technical qualities of the films."

"We understand that this will not ease the pain experienced by the family, but we hope it clarifies the neutral role of the academy in the voting process."

Dennis Fergus and her husband Stewart in 2013 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of Dennis James Bulger
Dennis Fergus and her husband Stewart in 2013 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of James Bulger's son

James was only two years old when he was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by the 10-year-old Thompson and Wenbals in 1993 at Merseyside.

The short film is based on police recordings and interviews with the two murderers, after two days after the James murder, a mutilated body was found.

Mrs. Fergus already said, "I can not say how disgusted and upset I am in the so-called film that has been created and now nominated for the Oscar.

"One thing is making a movie like this without connecting or getting permission from the James family, but another one so the child can reproduce the last hours of James's life before he is brutally killed and made himself and my family to survive this again!

    On February 10, 1993, John Vennballs was 10 years old
On February 10, 1993, John Vennballs was 10 years old

Vincent Lambert, the film's director, confirmed that Ms. Fergus has never been involved in creating the documentary.

The Irish director said, "The public at the moment is that these two guys are just bad and anyone who says something different or gives an alternative reason why he did it or tries to understand why he did, they get criticized for it.

"I think we have a responsibility to try to understand what has happened."

The Academy Awards are in Los Angeles on February 24th.

Meanwhile, shameless actress Tina Malone is non-compliance with court proceedings over a post in the social media that was meant to show images of James Bulger's murderer John Venables.

Venezuela and Thompson have been living anonymously with new identities since they were released from a life sentence.

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