Sunday , June 20 2021

Jürgen Klop billed the FA over the comments of Kevin's friend

The English Football Association accused Jurgen Klop in commenting on Judge Kevin's friend following Liverpool's 1-1 draw with West Ham United on February 4th.

The manager of Liverpool has until 18:00. local time on February 18 to answer.

In a postmartal interview with Sky Sports, Klopp suggested the friend did not "want to open the gap a bit more" after the half-time, as the team's officials made a clear mistake in the first half.

"Juergen Klop is charged today with a violation of FA's E3 rule," the FA said on Wednesday. "It is alleged that the comments he made in an interview after the meeting … violated rule E3 (1) as they questioned the referee's integrity of the match and / or implied partiality."

Liverpool finished 1-0 against West Ham in Sadio Manne's goal in the 22nd minute, though James Milner was obviously in the lane in the stack. Michael Antonius equalized for the hosts six minutes later.

"[We] scored a goal that I heard after the game, was in ambush, which explains a little bit in the second half, "Clop After." I think Ref. I know in the half, I knew only after the game. He knew for sure that at half time he saw that there were many strange situations – not decisive, just rhythm-breakers. That obviously did not help us.

Klap added, "In the second half there were so many situations – 50-50, 60-40 or whatever – and a free kick for the other team.

"As a human being, if I knew I made a big mistake in the first half [then] I do not want to open the gap anymore.

"It is obvious that the references are human beings and I understand it." I did not understand the game because I had no idea that we were ambushed.

In December, FA beat Klope with a fine of 8,000 pounds for inappropriate behavior, marking Everton's winner with an interruption, running to the center circle.

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