Sunday , June 20 2021

Just in: Redan under fire over coupons

The newspaper

Innocent Rouvende Senior Reporter
REDAN Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd has received a 72-hour ultimatum from its customers to revoke its decision to lower the value of the coupons it has purchased or to resort to legal action.

50 customers will lose over $ 200,000 if Redan does not change his mind. Redon Petroleum is accused of cheating customers who have held coupons by reducing the amount of fuel that can be extinguished after the government's decision to raise fuel prices two weeks ago.

A coupon that can redeem 200 liters now draws only 80 liters. New retail prices are $ 3.31 / liter (previously $ 1.34) for gasoline and $ 3.11 / liter (previously $ 1.49) for diesel. On January 12, Redan issued a statement stating that he had reduced, for example, 20 liter coupons for fuel up to eight liters and 200 liters to 80 liters after the price increase.

On Wednesday, presenting 56 clients, Alex F & Associates writes to Redan a threat of legal action if fuel quantities reflected on coupons are not recovered within 72 hours. Attorney Mr. Godfrey Nyamukuwa confirmed today that he served Redan with a letter following instructions from his clients.

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