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Robson Sharuco in JOHANNESBURG, South Africa
The clock had barely touched it at 6 o'clock yesterday, on a gloomy rainy morning here, but the intensity of the stormy debate provided a glow of warmth in the foyer of the plush Sandton Sun Hotel.

After a night in which most of the inhabitants of the largest city in South Africa slept in the dark, with Escam, who massaged the cargo, the emotions were certainly high.

Three days after the 116th Soweto Derby ended 1-1, the big question dominating the hotel lobby was the dominant story in this country at the end of this game.

What happened to Khama Billiat?

Question is also Mark Glison, SuperSport commentator for this great match, and his analyst William Shongve also asked live on TV.

Something just does not look alike with Billiat and the dominant monster, the heart and soul of Mamelid Sundays, seems to be replaced by someone who is unreliable and struggles to resume the spark that makes it practically impossible for the Brazilians.

Khama from Kaizer Chiefs looks different from the Sundowns' Billiat and where he can fly for the Brazilians, he seems to be devoid of wings in Amakhosi, who uses it to push him to greatness. He won a penalty that the boss scored, but the spark, which was a tremendous identity of his play, and the confidence to take the defenders and beat them, seems to have left him. There were questions about his shape in the big game, shown in more than 40 countries this day.

"Khama Billiat is seven months old in his new job as a Kaiser Chiefs player, but he has not yet entered the format inspired by Mamelodi Sundowns for African rule two years ago," wrote journalist Mihlali Baleka on Saturday's match .

"But if today the bosses need a messiah, Zimbabwe has sworn to hand over the Glamur boys to the promised land."

"In the seven months when Hamma was the boss, he did everything. He has gone not to worship and worship publicly, to such an extent that one would have thought he was the son of the king, who is the honor of the shirt, and of a player who has caught himself kicking his heels on the bench . "

And Billiat had responded to these concerns in connection with his form.

"It may be worse if I enter this game without people expecting anything from me," he told Saturday Night.

"From the day you join this club, expectations are high, even if you play a friendly match, you have to do something.

"We enjoy the pressure, he is handsome and when you are successful, he is positive. Everyone likes to score, but at the end of the day the team is the first. For me, I really like to help more than scoring, it makes me feel good. "

But after a lukewarm Saturday session, the questions build on the shape of Billiat and whether his game fits into the boss model.

One South African National Journal gave him the lowest score (4) among all the players who participated in the Derby and were merciless in his evaluation of his performance.

"Billiat may be the winner of the game, but this is a rare occurrence," the newspaper said. "He had to play closer to Leonardo Castro and try to take the second ball but he quickly retreated and was ineffective." The boss bought him to help him win matches like this, but in two Soweto Derbies season, he and his teammates came short.

In the first league match in October last year, Billy opened the score but the pirates dropped to win the game by 2: 1 and on Saturday he won a penalty but the pilots answered for a share of the loot.

Now there are 12 games since the bosses last defeated the pirates in the derby. In sharp contrast, Zimbabwe's defender Teenage Hadebe received a brilliant assessment of the way he performed on Saturday and headed by 8 out of 10 people.

"Very timely reports and some challenging challenges as he took a lot of hits," read the match report.

"He promptly convinces the new coach Ernst Middendorpe that he is the best center that bosses have."

The shape of Billiat, or the lack of such, was the dominant Twitter story in South African football yesterday.

"Kaizer Chiefs's Khama Billiat is not the same as the one we observed at Sundowns," writes @ Nkuna_tha6th.

"I would like the coach to play attacking football with Zuma, Malahasa and Ntshangaze because these are the players Billiat is connecting with."

Mzinza Lumkile said: "The boss has signed the wrong Khama or Sundowns has nursed him with something to perform and now Bobby is too expensive to buy him his fodder that made him the best?" and was brilliant. Only Khama Billiat did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch. "

While Moses Morroca claims that Billyat again fails to justify a noise followed by his move to the superiors.

"The most paid player at the ABSA Khama Billiat premiere has been known in the past for three things, namely diving, off-road and missing the target." But Billyat was bold and says there is a reason why the bosses decided to bring him on board.

"We are not busy because the club leadership has seen something special in every person and no one is better than the other, we are all important," he told a Saturday star. He still has many followers, including those who showed a Zimbabwe flag at the FNB stadium on Saturday and a banner that read "KINGHAHAMA."

Even in this Sandton Node, yesterday, there were people who claimed they had not yet sunk into the darkness that surrounded their city the night before.

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