Sunday , June 13 2021

Lego launches adult clothes, but you can buy them only on Snapchat

Lego street clothing line, which includes blouses, T-shirts and hats, displays the Lego logo in a muted palette of gray, white and black. The company's social innovation leads Lia Sandell in a statement sent to CNBC that the company wants to touch on the "sense of style and nostalgia" of the millennia.

"We are an innovative, playful brand in our heart and part of it is exploring new digital channels and technologies," added Sandel.

Adult Fans of Lego or AFOL are an important audience for the brand. In 2017, the Lego Masters TV show attracted more than 2 million viewers during an episode when broadcasting on Channel 4 of the UK, while the Famous Buildings Architecture range is also popular with AFOL.

The new adult clothing line will be manufactured by Kabooki under the Lego Group license. The Legowear baby line has been available through Kabooki since 1993 and includes a mix of clothing, clothing and accessories including bricks in various shapes.

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