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Lenovo presents a preview of the world's first folding computer in the ThinkPad X1 family

FLenovo's innovation storylines build on the first things that continue to define and present intelligent, personalized calculations. Today on the horizon is another breakthrough.

at Accelerating, we present a preview and demonstration of the world's first folding computer. (1) Designed for highly mobile, technically savvy professionals who require the best tools, the new folding computer joins the premium ThinkPad X1 family, promising that unprecedented portability will in no way compromise performance and reliability. It's not a phone, a tablet, or a familiar hybrid; this is a fully developed laptop with a foldable screen.

We all want access to a large, comfortable screen even on the go, but traveling can make it uncomfortable or impossible. It does not matter that remote work has increased 140% from 2008 to 2016with more and more employees who are involved with media-related projects over time. In the past, a 13.3-inch screen on a laptop required the device to stay at the same distance. Not with this unique OLED 2K display made in cooperation with LG Display, which can be folded in half and reduced by 50%.

Powered by Intel with Windows, the folding ThinkPad can be switched with users day by day:

* Wake up, fold it in a book and start the day when you scan your social media channels in bed (2).
* Walk to your kitchen, unfold it and place it for free viewing on your best news sites. (2)
* Hit your trip on a bus or train and transform it into a clam to catch up on emails.
* Enter the office, attach it to the setup of the multi-monitor and borrow the work.
* Go to meetings, make notes with your pen, and write on a full-screen tablet.
* After lunch, set the stand and use its mechanical keyboard to write a few working emails. (2)
* Come home at night, open it and play your favorite shows. (2)
* Relax in the bed, fold it in half and enjoy your last reading before falling asleep.

This ThinkPad space-saving space combines the performance of laptops with the portability of smartphones to fold into your lifestyle as never before. Stay tuned for complete product and stock information by 2020. We can not wait to show you more.

Watch the video here,

Discover more in www.lenovo.com/accelerate,

A press kit 2019 with images is available here,

(1) Based on studies conducted by Lenovo in May 2019 on laptops sold by major computer manufacturers delivering more than one million units globally per year.
(2) Internet access is required and is not included.

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