Wednesday , June 16 2021

Liverpool News: Oxlade-Chamberlain rises until an unexpected guest comes out on a workout Football sport

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gave Liverpool a welcome boost as the midfielder trained along with the rest of the team in Marbella.

Jürgen Klop's team currently enjoys a warm time in Spain, taking advantage of their early exit from the FA Cup.

And the Reds will be pleased to see that Oxlaud-Chamberlain has undergone some training while continuing recovery from long-lasting knee injury.

The English midfielder has not played since the first match of the Champions League semi-final against Roma last season but is now well ahead of his initial rehabilitation schedule.

It was originally thought that the Oxlade-Chamberlain would not come back into operation until November, but now Klopp is confident that the 25-year-old may take part in the later rounds of this year's Champions League – if Liverpool is ahead.

Speaking of the return of the flexible star to light workouts, Klopp said: "The boys had to do a little basic work, passing a rondus and it was nice [they could be involved],

"These things can do Oh and Rian [Brewster] maybe Ben [Woodburn] and Fitlis can do most of them. Everything is fine.

"This afternoon will have to do their job again and hope we can integrate them step by step."

The other three mentioned youngsters return from their own injury problems, although in the last session there were no signs of James Milner, George Wijnaldum or Fabinho.

While the last three are expected to return to training later this week, defense duo Deyan Lovren and Joe Gomez have not traveled with the team due to injury problems.

While some of the regular players were missing because of fitness problems, an unfamiliar face in the shape of Liverpool leader Tom Werner was noticed during the session.

Werner, a television producer and investor in the Fenway Sports Group, is co-owner of the club, and he was delighted with the work Klopp made with his team this season.

The Reds manager did not seem overly concerned about the extra control and was calm enough to take part in an improvised foot tennis game at the end of the session.

The German boss joined Sadio Mane to take Roberto Firmino and assistant coach Pepijn Linders – and it seemed he was having fun.

Liverpool will be in Marbella for a week before returning home before the Champions League round of 16 matches with Bayern Munich.

Reds then play at Manchester United at Old Trafford next weekend before the next Premiership matches against Watford, Everton and Burnley.

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