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Logitech has introduced two new ultra-slim, low profile mechanical keyboards


Logitech's built-in mechanical keyboards from Romer G may not be as well known as those of Cherry MX, but they're pretty damn good enough to warrant the company's G413 mechanical keypad as one of our favorite mechanics. Here a but something. After years of working on laptops and other devices with lower profiles, I began to prefer smaller keyboards with much less key travel.

Then I look forward to pointing the company’s latest mechanical keyboards. Logitech announces a pair of new low-profile mechanical keyboards that use their new GL switches; G915 Lightspeed Wireless and G815 Lightsync RGB. As it is 2019, both keyboards feature RGB sync lighting, but the 915 version is also wireless using Logitech's acclaimed Lightspeed technology.


They will be available in three variants: linear (equivalent to MX Cherry Reds), tactile (equivalent to brown) and Clicky (equivalent to Blues), so they will meet any type of writing or play preference. Logitech says they are half the height of the regular switches and, because they require less travel, are triggered 25% faster.

Low profile keyboards aren't for everyone, but I like them a lot. The only real difference between the two models is the wireless connection in the 915. Logitech says that "the G915 delivers up to 135 days of dormant wireless games, when all the lights are off and with RGB color waves on, gamers can play for over 12 days with a single charge. "

It's not too tarnished. The Logitech G915 costs $ 249.99 and the G815 is a little less attractive to the eye at $ 199.99. Not yet announced for the South African market.

Last updated: August 16, 2019

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