Sunday , June 13 2021

Mauro Icardi was deprived of the captain of Inter, left by the team of Rapid Vienna

Future of Mauro Icardi in Inter is questioned after refusing to travel with a Serie A club during their trip to Rapid Vienna after being deprived of the club's captain.

Icardi, who was previously associated with Real Madrid and Manchester United, has been involved in discussions to extend his contract with non-irradiation after 2021

Argentina's future in Milan, however, is now uncertain after the events on Wednesday.

Immediately after noon, Inter announced via Twitter that goalkeeper Samir Handanovic replaced the 25-year captain of the club. Shortly thereafter, the Europa League crusade was announced on Thursday night in Austria, and the name of Ircardi did not appear.

Upon his arrival in Austria, coach Luciano Spaleti explained that he had included Ircardo in his team, but the striker said he did not want to play.

"The decision to take the Irish captain's ribbon was hard and painful because we know everything about its value," Spalets told a press conference. "It's a very difficult decision to take, but it's one that everyone in the club shares, and that's taken exclusively for the good of Inter.

"Mauro is called to Vienna, but he did not want to come in." After lunch, he told the club that he did not want to come with us, apparently disappointed, but there are things that worry him and the team.

The decision to intercept Iraqi captains only a few days after his wife and agent Vanda Nara provoked irritation complaining that her husband did not receive enough support from his teammates. He has not scored in the league since mid-December – a match of eight games without finding the back of the net.

Spaleti also reacted angrily to Nara's recent remarks and spoke with the new general manager of the club, Bepe Marotta – who has already taken a heavy approach by suspending Raja Ningangolan for a late training last month – on Tuesday to discuss the issue he is starting to challenge interference in the team.

"Obviously, there are things that happen around the Icardi that must be resolved," said Spaleti. "His reaction today is just a further proof of that. These things disturb the team from which he was captain.

"There will be time to clarify things in the coming days, but as far as I'm concerned, that's all I have to say about Mauro."

It is reported that Icardi has an exemption clause of 110 million euros in its current contract, valid only for offers from clubs outside Italy.

Negotiations for a new deal that will change or remove this clause have been advancing since the summer, and the signs from the two camps were positive that the deal would be negotiated in due course.

Icardi joined Sampdoria's Inter for 13m euros in 2013. Roberto Mancini made him a captain of the club in 2015 but had appeals to be removed from the Curva Nord hardcore section cap to club fans after writing in his autobiography how he was "applauded as a hero" in the dressing room for Interracial angry fans in 2015

Since then, his relationship with Inter fans has been frosty, despite his return of 122 goals in 210 games and a poll on the La Gazzetta dello Sport website on Wednesday asking whether Inter was right to remove him from the captain. 15,000 votes support the club's position.

In his absence, compatriot Lautaro Martinez – who at the end of the week wins the 1-0 victory over Parma, is expected to take the line to Vienna.

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