Sunday , June 20 2021

Netflix records all your Bandersnatch selection options, discloses the GDPR request

Netflix keeps a record of all of you Bandersnatch selecting data from his or her own Black mirror a film to choose your own adventure, has discovered a technology policy researcher. The researcher, Michael Vaill, received his watch data after sending an email to Netflix to request it under the GDPR access policy. motherboards reports that Veale's goal is to use the experiment to train people how to use the law to request their data and to encourage companies to make it easier to access.

While it is not surprising that Netflix knows what choice each user makes during his interactive movie, Veale uses the experiment to emphasize that the streaming service never wants permission to store your choice. Netflix he told the researcher that it keeps the data in order to "inform the personalized recommendations you see in future visits" and to help them "determine how to improve [Bandersnatch’s] storytelling model. "

Previous-style "choose-you-yourself-adventure-style" experiences also record your decisions, but in the case of the adventurous play with the branched road Living Dead, For example, Telltale Games is much clearer for practice. Data collection is one thing, but at least some effort must be made to ensure that most people know that is happening, and Veale also claims they should be able to give up the practice if they wish.

Although his e-mail request had to be very specific about what data Netflix should send him, Veale admitted that data downloading had done a "fairly good" job to make the data understandable. After sending Netflix a copy of his passport to verify his identity, he received two encrypted files: a PDF file with explanation of the data and a CSV file containing all his choices. Other companies, as we have just discovered, are not so deep in their explanations.

Given that at least one Bandersnatch storyline revolves around the protagonist, who is becoming more and more paranoid, that every move he tracks and observes, there is something strangely paradoxical about Veale's discovery.

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