Thursday , July 29 2021

Nigerian superstar Patoranking claims Zim streetkid stole his cap

Patoranking junk claims that Zim streetkid stole a hat

Nigerian superstar Patoranking has rumored rumors that he has received a rough awakening after arriving in Zim after a street kid grabbed his hat.

The incident happened against the parking lot at Ximex Mall in Harare when the superstar mixed up and mingled with his fans.

Still, Patoranking dismissed the allegations and said he had given the street a cap.

"Lying, I gave it to the kid," he said in reply to the rumors.

Patoranking, who is set to play at the HICC tonight, recognizes his love for Zimbabwe.

Speaking at a press conference, the hitman "My wife" said she had fallen in love with the country through her musical influence.

"I have love for Zimbabwe and came with a nine month pregnancy ready to deliver to my fans on stage.

"This country is beautiful and blessed, being the only African country in which Bob Marley came to play with her band; and Bob Marley is my major musical influential, "he said.

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