Thursday , June 24 2021

Personal data for all 14.8 million users

The popular 500px photo sharing service announced that she was a victim of a wound in 2018 and that personal data had been revealed for all 14.8 million accounts that existed at that time.

In a letter sent to users and a message posted on his website, 500px states that it was not until February 8, 2019 that his team learned of an unauthorized penetration of his system, which occurred on or about 5 July 2018.

Personal data that may have been stolen by the offender include names and names, usernames, email addresses, passwords hashes (ie no open text passwords), location (ie, city, country, country) , date of birth and gender.

"There is currently no indication of unauthorized access to your account, and there is no evidence that other data associated with your profile is affected, such as credit card information (not stored on our servers) if used to commit or other sensitive personal data, "says 500px.

The company has reset all passwords for its 500-pixel account, so to return to your account, you need to choose a new one using the recovery email system.

"We recommend that you change your password to any other website or application that uses a password that is the same or similar to your password for your 500px account," says 500px.

If you want to delete your account in response to this data violation, 500px outlined the process.

"We take the security of your information very seriously, and we sincerely apologize that this problem has arisen," says 500px. "In the future, we will continue to improve our security measures to preserve the security of your data, and to apply additional measures to prevent the recurrence of this type of incident."

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