Thursday , June 24 2021

Playing Thrones "Lena Haydy tells the troll to" go to yourself "over the free video

The villagers must now know that they should not turn Game of Thrones Queen Lena Heidi.

After all, it's a woman who blew up Beelhorn's seventh day without even clinging to making Ned Stack beheading. Why would you dream of fighting her?

A tough troll learns this lesson this week after Headey publishes a video without a makeup for Instagram that promotes the release of her new film. Fight with my family, which kills critics with enthusiastic reviews.

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One guy thought it was a good idea to ask not to record other "no makeup" videos. It is never polite or respectful to treat anyone in this way, and this troll has learned that you are listening quite publicly.

Lena shared her post with the world, along with a personal message: "I will continue to wear no makeup, go to sic." Yes!

Frankly, this troll came out pretty easy. Fortunately, she did not send Mountain to visit or did the same distorted performance faced by the beloved cat Ser Pounce.

On a more positive note, however, Lena got a chance to talk about the eighth and last season Playing on a thronein promotion Fight with my family in the US earlier this week.

Cersei Lannister's actress has openly said about his mixed feelings that he is saying goodbye to the Vasteros world after dedicating a decade of his life to the show.

Playing the Throne Season 8: Cersei Lannister (Lena Heidi)


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"This is the end, this is the eighth season that is scary," she said. "I feel completely distorted – should I translate it [for Americans]?

"It just means really happy – they have been part of something so long, I think everyone is ready to do new things.

Game of Thrones The premiere of the 8th season will take place on April 14, 2019 NOW TV in the United Kingdom. Now 7 is now available for purchase DVD, Blue-Ray or digital download,

Fight with my family opens in the UK on February 27 and is currently playing in the United States.

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