Monday , June 21 2021

Pride of the lions is riding on the giraffe

This pride of lions tried for five hours to hunt and kill an old birch giraffe, knowing they would make a feast for a king.

Sometimes it seemed that the giraffe gave the pride a lift through the bush.

The safari guide, François Pienar, won his best landmark last week in the Klaserie Reserve. He told the story of

On our early morning play we have found the pride of the lions who sleep as usual.

"My guests and I watched them sleep, I never expected to see the best view in my guiding career! on him.

"After about 20 minutes of persecution, the persecution has happened!" We raced behind the lions to see how the actions took place and hope the lions catch the big animal and take it down, "said Pienar.

While we were trying to stay with these lions, we saw some of the individuals grabbing for the giraffe's feet and a woman jumping on the back of the giraffe. and is still trying to bring it to the ground.

"The old giraffe-bull, who struggled to stand on his feet, managed to throw the lions from his back and escape by trying to stand on the lions.

"After about five hours, the lions finally gave up and the old bull survived to see another day," Pienar said.

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