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Prince Harry accepts damage and apology from paparazzi for aerial photographs

Cape Town – Prince Harry once again proved he was not taking the safety of his family lightly.

The Duke of Sussex has received benefits as well as an official apology from the Paparazzi site, Splash News, took pictures of his air and Megan $ 3 million, a four-room country house in Cotswold Hills, England, E! News reports.

According to BBC NewsPrince Harry's lawyers told the Supreme Court that the pictures were taken from a helicopter and included images on the inside of the bedroom, as well as the living room and the dining room.

Splash News calls the images posted by sites, including the Times newspaper, an "error of judgment" that will never be repeated.

They also issued a statement saying, "We apologize to the Duke and the Duchess (from Sussex) for the disaster we have caused."

This is not the first time that Prince Harry has taken action to protect his wife Megan.

The British King confirmed his relationship with the former American actress by asking the media and the public to respect her inviolability through a formal statement from the Buckingham Palace.


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Prince Harry's office has confirmed that Suits actress Meghan Markle is his girlfriend, issuing a highly worded statement accusing the media of harassing her. In an extremely unusual statement, Harry says he is worried about his safety and is "deeply disappointed to have been unable to protect her."

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