Thursday , June 24 2021

Protest the first day of the voter registration last weekend

South Africa's Election Commission says it is aware of the growing protests in some polling stations in Kruegersdorpe.

IEC staff are preparing to accept voters on the first day of the last weekend of the registration. Photograph: Katle Sekhotho / EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Electoral Commission (IEC) has called on South Africans not to combine municipal issues with national and provincial issues by preventing others from voting for a vote.

IEC says it is aware of the growing protests in some polling stations in Kruegersdorpe.

The Commission says the units were located in the area.

Over 22,000 polling stations are open all over the country for the last weekend registration.

Quietly and quietly in Dilslot, as several people continue to flow and leave the Muzumule Primary School to register.

Democratic Alliance Party (DA) agents and the African National Congress (ANC) can also see that they are working only a stone of IEK officials who are in charge of those who have come to register.

Agents say they are encouraged by the outbreak of young people.

IEC President Glen Machinein said that security measures will be taken on stations where there are protests: "If you want to exercise your right to protection, that's fine, but remember that there are other rights that are enshrined in our Constitution anyone who wants to participate in the election can not prevent these people. "

Machinery says that IEC employees are already interacting with protesters in Kruegersdorpe.


Residents of Thembelihle in Lenasia protest against IEC by forbidding the electorate to enter the informal settlement.

Thembelihle residents say that local councilor Ezekiel Tsotetsi has failed to fulfill his duties and urged to withdraw.

They say they will not register to vote or participate in the forthcoming elections due to the lack of provision of services in the area and while Tsotetsi does not vacate his post.
Earlier a group of residents blocked the K43 by burning tires.

This resident says they do not want the IEC's participation after the counselor told them that the informal settlement is not meant to provide services.

"IEC has a problem with us, because when we vote we vote for an advisor … the counselor fails to perform the services. Here we do not want IEC [Thembelihle] already. "

Meanwhile, Congressional Speaker Denise Bloom says that unless a change is made, the country will be destroyed: "The Congress of the Peoples urges all South Africans to register to vote. Our country stands at the crossroads, or we will save the country, or all will sink. The only way to save him [our country] is by registering to vote. "

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