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Punish the EDF MPs who hit the police

2019-02-13 07:48

Members of Parliament have suggested that they should set an example for the country and we can not create a situation where people – especially young people – think it is good to hit people when you do not like what they are telling you Melanie Verwoerd,

Last Friday
I arrived just after 07:00 for a meeting in Parliament. The police they were
scanning my bags was a bit pale after the evening was too late
State of the National Address (SONA).

We corrupted
and I asked jokingly whether someone had put Valium in the EDF's water
the other day. Days have had EDF talks that violate parliament
and that SONA can even be abandoned if things get too rough. Still, on Thursday
at night the behavior of the EDF was exemplary.

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That was it
until they leave the Chamber of the National Assembly.

was a major incident after that, "one of the police officers said
the cops nodded seriously. One of the EFF lawmakers hit a policeman. First
I thought they were kidding, but then I saw the rage of the other policemen

A few
minutes later they sent me a video for the incident. It showed the EFF, including
Julius Malema and other members of the EDF
leaving the camera after SONA. Floyd Shivambou
suddenly pushed a policeman by his clothes, policeman Johannes Karstens, before another EFP MP struck Karsten extremely loudly in the face. Photos later revealed blood from the policeman's face.

That was it
Of course, this is not the first time that an EDF MP has been involved in a physical fight
on a parliamentary basis. In March last year, the same Floyd Shivabo was
Caught on camera a rough search by Adrian Kok, a press photographer
parliamentary grounds.

De Cock, who
covered the disciplinary meeting of the DA / Patricia de Lille, saw Shivabo
arriving and (as photographers from the press) took a few pictures of him
of your car at the door of Parliament. For some reason (one must
I wonder why) Shivabo was offended by this and rushed to De Cock, grabbed
round him around his neck and tried to take his camera.

The incident of De Cock Shimavu apologizes, but the question is still with
Parliamentary Committee on Ethics and Interests of Members.

In Friday
morning after the video of the policeman who was hit, appeared in the social media
The EDF issued a statement to "explain" that it was given
reliable information that some right-wing groups have infiltrated parliament
security, known as "white shirts".

According to
for the EDF these "right elements" were plan to kill
CIC (Commander-in-Chief), Julius Malema
Obviously they were hoping
The EDF will be thrown out by Parliament during the session and within the framework of the. t
they could kill Malema.

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the media quickly wiped out this claim, and people were laughing well.

To be fair
the murder of a political leader in this House may have happened in
this country. The police also confirmed that the EDF has already warned
a possible experience for the life of Malema. (Maybe that was the reason for that
EFF decided not to interrupt production?)

it's funny to say that by hitting someone you can stop
attempt to kill. Why did they not push Maala on the floor or at least
to repel him if he thinks his life is in danger? And they were all too
I am glad to go into the chaos of media scourge outside Parliament
take the light of lime and engage with the media by making the whole "we"
scared "excuse completely unbelievable.

I think it
far more plausible than by their own acceptance that they do not like it
were asked to wait for the police officer before leaving (apparently) to give
the president's time to leave the lobby first. (I'm sure I'm not alone in doubt
that the EFF would react very differently if it was black

MEPs from the EDF
must be strictly disciplined by Parliament and allegations of assault
should be properly investigated without any leniency, as the individuals involved
were Members of Parliament. In fact, they are elected representatives
should be an aggravating factor.

We just
can not allow Members to behave in this way.

Members of Google
Parliament suggests that it should set an example for the country and we can not create
a situation in which people – especially young people – think it is good
hit people when you do not like what they say. If Parliament pussy
on this issue, apparently they did in the case of Shivambou / De Kok,
they would do just that.

We can not
have double standards because this is the EDF and because we are afraid of their little child

Members are crucial
of the police forces that protect not only the citizens of this country but also the country
In this case, the President, cabinet ministers and deputies must also be provided
protection by Parliament and the State from the same people who are everyday
risk their lives.

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