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Quiet review of video game credits – a feature of the reader

Far Cry 5 – the longest credit sequence in the world?

The reader praises the merits of overly long credit sequences as an opportunity to bring you thoughts about the game you've just beat.

In today's dynamic, interconnected world, packed with content and interaction that awaits your unique opinion, a conscious effort is needed to shut down, sit down and reflect. We do not do it enough, but life provides its natural interludes if you look for them.

Such an interlude is in the form of a black background and text that slides up from you, like a mass of masses during the death march. Once they reach the destination at the top of the screen, they disappear as a transport belt with talent that repels the occupants in your eyes and then in the void, is never more visible.

Credits in some games have gained epic proportions, attacking your senses with walls and walls of the names of people scrolling in some cases for hours. But this time, I discovered, can be used constructively to process what you have just done, to organize your thoughts and decide what your final judgment will be in the game, but during this period I formulate the answer to the question, what do you think about X?

My last example was Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 credits gave me enough time to think while I was drinking a ton of gin and pondering another Ubisoft game. With an unexpectedly excellent Christian rock playing the game, I decided to put Far Cry 5 in the Far Cry pantheon of other Far Cry games and was low. I started playing only the Far Cry games of 3 and I would rank them in this way 3, then 4, then 5.

This does not mean that Far Cry 5 is a badly made or even bad game, in my mental Metacritic rating I would put it in the mid-1980s, pushing in the late 1980s but I think Far Cries 3 and 4 had two big edges over Far Cry 5. Before I fancy my freaks, let's make the fashion catwalk of my beauties, which is an awkward way to say we look at the positives.

I loved climbing the radio towers (there had to be some), but the new act of greasing the map, just walking around, I found it interesting to go to places not because the marker was there, but because it was in the dark and I wanted to see if there is a hidden thing. In many cases I was rewarded with my curiosity and it made the game more organic and emerging, it also played on my old instinct of a gamer pierced by old role games to explore every gap and to have a useful color map to know that I am he discovered everything.

The gameplay from minute to minute is great, though lightweight. You communicate with characters exclusively through the sophisticated art of photographing them in their distorted heads. Weapons are a standard price that makes it easy to understand and jump. They cling to your goals, making you feel like a terrific shooter that gives the game a satisfying rhythm. Finally, the game is graphically stunning, which is also standard in our Ubisoft games today. But it really is a kind of game that you do not want to look at – a nice holiday in the countryside of America.

When we look at the story and the villains, the game begins to break apart quite badly, especially when it faces the wall against its older compatriots.

Far Cry 3, for starters, made a much more telling meaning for me. This is the story of the spoiled male-child Jason Brody, who, when faced with an upset chaotic you, was forced to sink to his level and embrace the violence. There is no other way out of the island, just through your lunar door.

Eventually Jason was born and more than a little mad, trying to reward his captured friends from the hands of the delicious maniacal you.

I do not care if you sympathize with Jason like him, or you have problems with the racial optics of the game. For me, his actions were logical. This is important because, if you're busy trying to pick the mood logic, then you're kidnapped by the fiction of the game.

In Far Cry 5 we have a policeman trying to get his colleagues from the paws of religious fanatics. But unlike Jason, they are not personal friends, they're working colleagues. Personally, after seeing how crazy this cult is, I would be over these green hills and away before you can say the seed of faith.

Far Cry 4 is the story of the prodigal son Ajay Ghale, who returns to scatter his mother's ashes into the war-torn homeland. It happens to be something like a political lightning break, and it causes a bad bad guy Pagan Min to get you out of the chessboard of his geopolitical chess game. When Ajay connects with his allies, he discovers that he is the penny he hopes the fragile union will be enough to turn the revolution into unrealistic utopia or despotic order. This story is not as strong as the simple survival story of Far Cry 3, but it is interesting, though, better than the Sacred War of the Seed in Montana, which requires more leaps of faith than Jesus does to play.

The Seed family is the second problem, they are a little duckling duck compared to your crazy or my favorite villain, the sadistic Pagan Min. Both of the previous villains set a tall bar with you as pure anger. A primitive expression of meaningless violence. Pagan is the criminal of Bond, the pink suit, a dressed psychopath who for me was the most powerful evil, because it seemed to have a sense that could be justified. And indeed, if you wait, as we told you at the beginning of the game, you will be able to resolve the situation without bloodshed.

They both have a bigger threat in their little fingers than the lung, monotone Seme family. I hate so much of their boring, meaningless monologues. This family seemed to rely a little on David Corez and Waco's tragedy, but that would be a parody, because even a tiny study shows that this event is much more nuanced than a bunch of religious kernels with a weapon that threatens to knock down a government that has no chance predominantly.

I just do not buy it. I do not know that all this is due to a combination of drugs and mind control, everything just breaks down and you end up without a connection. An abstract dealer of death for no reason or wants to kill the endless hordes of people who can also be zombies or aliens for the whole agency they have in history.

Since the credits I had, I had time to think about, take advantage of the vague frustration and turn it into a solid thought while another regional localization team broke out. I can finally release Far Cry 5 from my brain, happy to understand how disappointed me. But I also meditated on good times. The suit of the wing, the pop-up head, the stunt races and the pure beauty of the place and the Christian rock. I would recommend it a balance … just do not look for you or Pagan or a compelling story.

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