Friday , November 27 2020

Ramafosa speaks in support of Gordon, suggests that EFF is part of "what's wrong with SA" – Citizen

After weeks of speculation about his apparent silence over attacks on the Minister of Public Enterprises, the Gordon Regulation, President Kiril Ramaphosha voiced his support.

He wants others to join him to support the minister who is engaged in the heavy work of cleaning and turning South Africa's state-owned enterprises, according to Colombia.

Speaking on Sunday night in a conversation with former Investor chairman Stephen Koseff at the Gautheng of the Jewish Council of MEPs, with Gordon in the audience, Ramaphosha said the groups and factions of Gordan were "deep rooted in this, wrong in our country. "

Although they do not mention the names, Gordon's brightest critics are the EDF leaders, especially Floyd Shivabu and Julius Malema. Former President Jacob Zuma Edward also once attacked Gordon with such a vignette that he was asked to apologize for that to the Human Rights Commission of the CA. Individuals and groups who want to lose influence in paratroots also strongly oppose Gordon.

According to Ramafosa, Gordon is "brave" in his story about the truth in the Zondo State Commission for Investigation. The President must also give testimony to Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Ramaphos urged the country to protect Gordon.

"Our task is to support and defend people like Ken Gordon and a number of others. We have to stand behind them because they are trying to … shake our country out of the culture of corruption [that] caught in the cheeks of the political body. "

Gordon and his daughter Anisha have been the subject of numerous recent attacks by Malema. The Red Beret leader claims Gordon's daughter has been contracted by the National Treasury and other government offices because of her father's influence.

Numerous reports, however, indicate that Anisha's legal entity work did not mean that she had benefited directly from government contracts while she was in the boards of these companies, especially during Investec's work.

Malema has not yet provided evidence of his allegations. Speaking at the Tshwane Metro Police Headquarters demonstration yesterday, Malema said the media were quick to publish images of their family and cousin, which he said took advantage of the VBS robbery scandal but seemed to defend Gordons .

"Most people who sit here do not know the face of the daughter of Goodman, because [the Gordhans] work with white monopoly capital and therefore can not be corrupted. Our grandparents – their pictures are everywhere.

"Do not include my daughter." But if I dare say this, they told me I could not because I was a public representative, and they were willing to put Nhanala Nene's son in order to get money from the PIC when Nen was the chairman because it is black.

He said the recent claims of his party, which benefited from the looting of VBS, were only "noisy monopoly capital" to silence the EDF to bring white corruption.

Gordon told the State Commission on Capture last week that his daughter never carried out any business directly with the state. He challenges those who are trying to attack him to come for him directly and leave his family with him.

(Composed by Charles Killiers)

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