Sunday , September 25 2022

Ramaphos announces elections, voter voting is already closed – The citizen


Following the announcement of the election date during the state of the nation, President Cyril Ramaphos officially announced elections, which means that the powers of the Independent Electoral Commission of the IEC (IEC) will be radically extended from today.

In a unanimous vote on Thursday, the National Assembly passed a proposal from ANC chief Jackson Membou to dissolve the meeting in the sense of Art. 50 para. 1 of the Constitution on Thursday.

The date of the elections is within the five-year active term of the fifth parliament, which led to the dissolution of the National Assembly because the elections could not be held during the parliamentary term. is now being implemented quickly, with the timetable for the election.

Now no one will be able to add their name to voters.

IEC added that the proclamation also prompted the opening of candidatures for the election.

"Registered parties are entitled to submit their national, regional and provincial lists of nominations by March 17 at 17:00 on March 13."

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