Friday , June 18 2021

#RamaphosaSoldOut: Read the speech that Lekota had to submit to #SONADebate

When Coop leader Mosjoia Lekota accused President Cyril Ramaphos of selling the leaders of the struggle at the special branch in the 1970s, he was not talking about a prepared speech. Lekotica's speech on the state of the nation of Ramaphos was sent to the media houses earlier in the day and was significantly different from what he delivered to the ombudsmen on the part of the economic freedom fighters.

The true state of our nation is a president that is not in the address of President Ramaphos.

Rather, a spokesman, he has to be found just outside the Parliament section on the other side of the fence.

There you will find broken and unsupported benches; dirt and misery; and unemployed, vulnerable and disenfranchised members of our society who go on a desperate day to day existence on the sidewalk.

They were removed from view – so as not to pollute and stain the spectacle and mirage that is SONA; and so hide the true degree of the sad state of our people: of its betrayal.

A few meters away, the political elite, mostly from the ruling party, lives with a great and abundant life of splendor and ceremony, more interested in abuse of power and plunder of state resources for insatiable self-enrichment – at the expense of the nation.

Trust, Speaker, is a relational concept: it involves an individual that makes it vulnerable to another individual, group or institution that has the ability to harm or surrender it.

I was listening to your address, Mr President, and what struck me was what you did not say.

The real state of our nation is that we are facing profound and unprecedented economic, social, political and social crises.

The daily revelations of how our state has been captured and turned into a mafia-like criminal enterprise to serve the personal greed of those in your party whom the people trust have undermined the nation's hope and the aspirations of the majority for the better today. and tomorrow.

Because of the treachery of trust and the abdication of the moral responsibility of your party's current and past leaders, the moral authority of the state has been appropriately usurped by the moral authority of the various committees of inquiry.

The real state of the nation is the place where, Mr President, your government is actually illegal.

The Constitutional Court has found that Parliament (through your party's majority tyranny) and the executive have violated the Constitution.

And you, Mr President, can not talk jokingly because you have been part of the corrupt regime in the last 5 years and the deputy chairman of the ruling party elite for 10 years.

You and your party continue to lead the attack on the founding values ​​of our Constitution by undermining the property rights and other Bill of Rights regulations.

The real state of the nation is that you, Mr President, were part of the executive that chaired the demolition of ESKOM and other state-owned enterprises.

You and ANK destroy the economy, condemn the growing number of people to the trap of unemployment and poverty; and it destroyed the fiscal capacity of the state, gave rise to endemic corruption and triggered the current debt trap of nearly R trillion Rand.

Today, we must desperately collect money only to pay interest, at the expense of providing services and eradicating poverty.

And this is your party that polarized the nation by pursuing a narrow, racist and populist rhetoric to buy cheap voices.

You and ANC have violated and surrendered the nation's credibility.

The disturbing evidence presented to our committees places your party, as well as many of the former and current leaders, inside and outside the government, at the epicenter of the treacherous criminal network.

There is hardly a senior ANC official or political official in all areas of government, not to mention ANC-related subjects that are not accomplices in corrupt actions.

If the rule of law were to be applied fairly, and the action taken against all parties associated with your party, guilty of "crimes against the state", your party would simply be shattered – or you would be expelled.

You and ANK have lost the moral legitimacy to manage: you have betrayed and shattered the trust that has been given to you.

You can not even light the lights or keep the wheels of the industry spinning.

South Africa calls for the election of ethical and patriotic men and women, and renewed Hope; a new center; new beginning

COPE is part of this decision.

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