Thursday , June 24 2021

SA has to prepare for foreign investors, says Mantashe for General Gas Detection

Minister Gwede Mantashe addresses members of the Parliament during the debate on the state of the people of President Cyril Ramaphos.

Minister of Mineral Resources Goude Mantashe. Photo: @ GCISMedia / Twitter

CAPE TOWN – Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe says South Africans must accept and accept foreign investors who want to pour billions of ranks into the local economy.

• SA detection of offshore gases could bring 1 billion barrels, says Total

Mantashe turned to parliament members on Tuesday evening during the debate on the address of President Kiril Ramaphos in parliament.

He responded to the comments on gas exploration at Total Oil in the Outeniqua basin off the southern coast of South Africa.

The leader of the economic freedom fighters Julius Malema earlier called for the opening of Oil and Gas from Total to become a national asset and wanted to create the sovereign fund.

Mantashe replied: "In the long run, the discovery will positively affect our energy needs. I want to emphasize that South Africa is in the global economy. Therefore, it is not an island state, a barrier or an apartheid state. That's why global companies will come to South Africa and we have to prepare for them. "

(Editing by Shimoney Regter)

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